The Results Are In

Hey Leaners,

Here I go bearing all again. A glimpse into me at 24 and now me at 34. We are getting there.

I hope the leaning went as well for you as it did for me. I stuck to my sleep plan, my strategy worked exactly as I thought it would. There were a few indulgences here and there. But….

  • My recovery from intense workouts is very good
  • I am more motivated to work out 
  • My mood and libido are very good 
  • My memory and cognition are noticeably improved 


If you remember from my confession, my plan was as follows:

  • Wake up early every day and get as much morning blue light stimulation as possible. 
  • Observe a caffeine curfew of 11am. 
  • Abstain from alcohol for the duration of the challenge. 
  • Devise in night shift mode and dim it. 
  • Get up 7 am week one,  5 am week 2 and to bed 12 am week one and 9 pm week 2. 
  • Sleep cave. 

My tendency strategy was as follows:

– High perceived level of public accountability, reasoned to suit my questioner inclinations.

  • Be cognizant to love myself more than I love the addiction to convenience. Improving these numbers will make everything better. A
  • Be cognizant that a quality body runs in tandem with and frames a quality mind which has an overall cascade effect toward a quality life. 

Here was my starting point.

Body fat 21.8 %, April 18, 2018.

My Waist to Hip Ratio is 39.5inches/41inches = .96 which is high. Meaning red zone on the chart. Yikes!

5 minute Burpee AMRAP April 17, 2018 67 reps, goal- 75 reps. Next test, week of May 28, 2018.

Check point.

Body fat 19.8 %, May 30, 2018

My Waist to Hip Ratio is 38 inches/41inches = .92 which is now average.

5 minute Burpee AMRAP same day as measurements. 75 reps with 5 seconds to spare.



I never want to be this guy again. I wasted my twenties on carbs. 

Here is my challenge beyond the challenge to continue my strategy. On July 9th, 2018 I will follow up with measurements and bench mark to see where I am at. Good or bad. It is in my calendar. 

See you at the next check point. 

Coach Gary

Spring Leaning 2018 Wrap Up Post

Howdy Folks,

Once all the the score cards are in, bench marks are recorded and tracking the fat lost is done I will announce the wrap up date.  

That was an awesome Spring Leaning Challenge. I enjoyed skimming everyones daily food logs and have been noticing some of the body changes. Great job everyone!

A few questions I want to leave with you moving past this years finish line.  

Do you love yourself enough to live this way past the finish line?

Who are you in?

Will you help me change the World with this stuff?

Coach Gary  

Spring Leaning 2018 Blog Index

Hello Spring Leaning 2018 Participants. Here are all the resources from the past 6 weeks. This is easy reference for that one article you missed or wanted to reread.

Resource page

Week 1. Habits

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  6. Science Saturday.

Week 2. Sleep

  1. Coach Gary’s Confession
  2. Welcome to Sleep Week!
  3. Sleep!
  4. Sleep Part Three
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Week 3. Stress

  1. Stressed Out?
  2. Stressssssss!
  3. Cognitive Stress.
  4. Hidden Stressors
  5. More Hidden Stressors
  6. Back to Basics
  7. Science Saturday!

Week 4. The Gut

  1. Gut Week
  2. How does your Gut garden grow?
  3. The Gut and the Brain
  4. Gut Expert
  5. More Poop Stuff
  6. Mysterious health issue got you down?

Week 5. Sugar

  1. Carbs Carbs Carbs. Some are good. Some are bad….
  2. Sugar Week!
  3. Sugar addiction
  4. The End of Diabesity/Sugarbetes
  5. The Sugar Cartel Part 1
  6. The Sugar Cartel Part 2
  7. The Sugar Cartel Part 3

Week 6. Sustainability

  1. A Paradigm Shift is what the Doctor Ordered
  2. A Leisurely Sunday Read?
  3. Sustainable Soil Part 1
  4. Sustainable Soil Part 2
  5. City Chicks and the Earthship
  6. Canning in the Pantry
  7. Capitalist Santa’s Compost Workshop

Happy healthy you,

Coach Gary

Capitalist Santa’s Compost Workshop


Why don’t we just throw nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium rich chicken shit on the garden directly? Chicken manure has to be turned into compost first by combining it with oxygen and carbon rich dry grass clippings or the like. An ecological miracle has to occur that turns organic matter into plants from sunlight and water.

I like to think of this process like Capitalist Santa’s workshop. The elves get paid to fabricate the parts. Different elves have different jobs and they all get paid to turn the parts into toys for the worlds children. The community of life living in the soil, transforms dead organic matter back into living organic matter for the children of the earth. I say capitalist in the fair free market sense not in the evil Monsanto sense. This community observes strict checks and balances to give us food. We are apart of this community but if we take take take with out giving back an amount of carbon via soil humus we ruin it for ourselves. History is rich with such examples. The ability of soil to sequester carbon is second only to the oceans ability. We treat our soil like the majority of people in North America treat their bodies. Terrible.

Glad folks like you are changing all that. There is hope. We are doing it. Remember when I said the gut (you) and soil have a lot in common? Maybe you get to know your farmer, do some composting. Maybe you build a healthy body, maybe you build some healthy soil to maybe grow some healthy food to feed a healthy body?

Check out this really cool winter soil building technique that is very carbon friendly by Joel Salatin. The part in the video that is not explained is that in a Virginia winter, Joel lets the cows shit and piss to a certain level before he lays down the various carbon items such as straw and peanut hulls he describes as a carbon diaper. That anaerobic (without oxygen) process produces heat for the cows. The added corn is why the pigs aerate the cake at the end of the winter.  

So no matter if you are in the city or on a biodiverse farm with pigs cows and chickens, If we give more humus than we take we restore the mothers burnt and hairless skin to a place teeming with life. We become stewards of the land but we have to play by moms rules. This is her house after all. 

Let us observe, let us mimic, let us compost, let us give more than we take. Compost! 

Putting this years 2018 SL blog posts together for you all has been a privilege, I Hope this years Spring Leaning has found you well. Tomorrow I give to you all of the goods in one magical place.

In health,

Coach Gary

Canning in the Pantry

Hey Folks,

Thursday. Almost done the week. 

Canning, preserving and fermenting. Did you get all that?  How about pantry, root seller and larder? Ok. Now that we have some basic understanding out of the way lets get back to prolonging the shelf life of healthy foods now that we know which shelves to put them on. Check out this very energy friendly way to keep your food cool. I want one. 

Wait, why do we need all this food storage space? Our winters are long and in the event of a supply cut off for what ever reason, do you really want to eat carbage until the food supply is functioning properly? Or would you rather have old school healthy food security? I pick old school healthy food security. I wish I paid more attention to when my elders use to can. Here are some great canning resources I came across in my learnings.

The Basics 

Lacto Fermentation.

Pintrest pickled paleo

Please post more resources to the comments. Tomorrow we are onto the compost. 

Coach Gary,

City Chicks and the Earthship

Hello everyone,

This week is flying. I hope you all have automated your habits by now and are well on your way to a life long journey of healthy living. 

Before we get into the Earthship I want to introduce you to the waste and recycling crew that pays you. The laying hen. I read this really good book called City Chicks by Patricia L Foreman . In it I was blown away by the city of Diest in Flanders Belgium that gave its citizens 3 hens to 2000 households and reduced its organic waste going into the land fill by 70%. Do I need to say that again? You give the chickens all of your food scraps and vegetable waste and they give you wonderful eggs, manure for composting and a nice chicken dinner eventually.  The City of Winnipeg went and outlawed owning chickens.        

According to City of Winnipeg By-law 92/2013   

29(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), no person may keep or raise poultry except in districts zoned “agricultural” under the Winnipeg Zoning By-law.

I am sure this is a well reasoned by-law. However, we now have better information. I don’t mind excess limit regulations but to out right ban the wonderful laying hen yet allowing useless birds like parrots or full on animal collector homes is illogical. Imagine fertilizing your garden in January with all the Chicken shit you have composted. Garden in January you say? Let me tell you about it. 

My dream home.

The EarthShip

Great Earthship video 1 Graphic of Earthship construction

Great Earthship video 2 How it does in a Canadian Prairie winter.

There you have it folks, low to no carbon foot print living with out much of a sacrifice.

Tomorrow we will discuss canning, the difference between a larder and a pantry and some very cool ideas for food storage.

It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

Coach Gary  

Sustainable Soil Part 2


I have lots of material for you to go over so I am going to keep this short. 

In this video series Joel Salatin gets into the specifics of how he farms carbon. 

Polyface farm video 1

Polyface farm video 2

Polyface farm video 3

Yesterday I showed you how to green a desert. Today I want to introduce you to two more books on soil. “Growing a Revolution” has to solution to growing cash crops to turn a profit and works toward solving the worlds soil woes by building not taking like the chemical agricultural model does. Also to get a better understanding of soil I encourage you to pick up “The Hidden Half of Nature.” Both these books are written by Dr. David Montgomery.

Soil building is the key to drought proofing the land in times of warming.

To summarize, I have offered low to no chemical input solutions to hitting two birds with one stone. The need to sequester carbon out of the air if the GHG manmade climate change theory is correct is met. The need to restore soil to the proper places through the world can be met. Producing very healthy animal and plant calories for human consumption along the way. No more carbage! Yay!!

Local food systems where ten 100 acre biodiverse family farms replace 1000 acres of canola, soy, wheat and corn is where we need to go. We need to halt industrial animal husbandry practices and destructive grazing practices. We need to halt exploitive agricultural practices that eat and erode the soil. We need to replenish our aquifers. Soil building is the key to all this. Both plants and animals are needed for this much the same way the prairies were built. 

Tomorrow we will explore my dream home. The Earthship. 

Get dirty,

Coach Gary 

Sustainable Soil Part 1

 Howdy folks,

Do you remember what happens if you over feed on refined easily digested carbohydrates? Some kinds of gut bacteria migrate up the G.I. tract high into the small intestine and have no competition, eat everything in sight and throw you internal ecosystem outta whack. You chug along, inflamed, uncomfortable until you develop any number of chronic lifestyle conditions.

What happened when people starting protecting animals, eradicating predators, and allow their herbivores to openly selectively graze? Desertification. Areas that had its crop fertility exhausted usually switched to animal husbandry, what happened as a result of further imbalances ecosystem? Desertification. What was Mesopotamia called where the Tigris met the Euphrates? The Fertile Crescent that’s what. Today it is a desert. It took that part of the world ten to fifteen thousand years to go from fertile to desert through human activity. Through the earths history, her skin, the soil, was always intact until we came along. Soil is very biodiverse. Teeming with life. it is the ultimate check and balance recycler. The soil is basically the foundation of life. Remember yesterday’s post? Where I said the earth might be naturally getting warm during this inter-glacial period. Well we are doing it with less soil. Warmer air can evaporate and hold more water. That means more intense weather systems. That water should be sequestered into the soil rather than in the air and back into the oceans. Guess where else the water is not because of lack of soil? In the beginning process of the hydrological cycle. It flash floods into low land and back into rivers streams and oceans and the air. 

Were Syrians war refugees or environmental refugees? Civilizations fell into chaos as they lost their soil. Famine and drought always lead to chaos and collapse.  Check it out here.


We are not bad here in Manitoba, We still have lots of top soil and more and more people are into sustainable agricultural practices. Check out Luna Field Farm. But there are still many that are squandering what we have with the use of biocides, mono spectated agriculture and mono crop agriculture. I hate driving through rural Manitoba seeing a sea of canola yellow. How much life was sacrificed on how many levels so that crop could exist? Combine, wheat, corn, soy, industrial pig, cattle and chicken. You have ecological genocide completely outside earths natural bio rhythms. Modern chemical industrial agriculture has taken the top soil of Ohio from 12 feet thick in some places to 6 inches in less than 500 years. Yikes!

Have no fear ladies and gentleman there are answers and ways already discovered and producing. Check out Michael Pollen talk on Joel Salatin as an introduction. From there look at Joel’s Tedx talk. Luna Field farms is worth mentioning again. Also Check out these guys who are greening the desert with smart irrigation. Tomorrow I will show more on the agricultural specifics of how this is accomplished. We will discuss more specifically what a drought proof farm looks like, animal husbandry and growing soil with monoculture cash crops and carbon sequestration for reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Happy Monday,


Coach Gary

A Leisurely Sunday Read?

Correction; “Chapter 4 states that the belief of University of Manitoba Scientists” After reviewing End Notes From Chapter 4 I realized I made a mistake, it does not indicate U of M Scientists. This article’s information is based on papers from University of Chicago, other sources and James T. Teller, Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, Winnipeg. Those references can be found in Lake Agassiz, by Bill Redekop, chapter 4 page 51 ENDNOTES.

Hey everyone,

The last week folks. I don’t want the challenge to end. It doesn’t have to! Here is the challenge beyond the challenge I offer to you. Go out get a group of people together from your out of CrossFit Winnipeg Social circles. Take this challenge as it has been designed and lead people into health. Create a Facebook group, post daily from the CFW spring leaning posts. We have years worth of posts to choose from including many challenges and different themes. Pass this information on. At some point in your challenge take your group on a field trip to CrossFit Winnipeg to meet your CFW friends. We would love to have them. That is the challenge once the measurements are in the bench marks are taken and the score cards are handed in. 

We challenge you to graduate from Healthy Living Participant to Healthy Living Ambassador. Are you up for it?

This week I want to talk on the environment and what the “paleo perspective” has taught me about it. I am not an expert by any means but I have read enough and found folks who get results and can explain their work logically. That I believe is my talent in all this. The ability to find the information that works through all the confusion. The stuff positive predictable real time real life results are made of. 

Lets start this weeks discussion off with Climate change. Ah, such a nebulous and politically charged topic for a leisurely Sunday read.

My opinions on this topic may be a bit controversial but I end in the same spot as most environmentalists anyway. My reasoning just gets there over much different terrain. So please bear with me here.  

In case anyone has not noticed yet, I am a bit of a book worm. I continuously tear through books on soil, how to build soil, The history of soil, the history of soil related to agriculture and carbon farming. We are going to get to those but first I want to explain my opinion on climate change and how it was informed. Tomorrow I will go through how I think soil is the solution to all our environmental problems and I will offer real life proof to support my opinions. As always though, inform your own opinions. 

I picked up this local book at the St. Boniface museum called Lake Agassiz by Bill Redekop. Prior to reading it I whole heartedly believed that climate change was man made. I thought the release of green house gas particulates into the atmosphere which reflect the suns heat back down on us thus the warming the earth and our weather patterns are changing was in some small way my fault. Back to the Lake Agassiz book. Chapter 4 states that the belief of University of Manitoba Scientists is that the earth has experienced 5 major ice ages over the last 2.6 billion years. Over that time in earth’s history the ice ages have accounted for 15%. Where as the earth has been warm and ice free for 85% of the 2.6 billion years indicated in the book. The longest ice age was 300 million years and the shortest was 40 million years. Currently we are 2.6 million years into the 5th ice age. I will say that again. We are 2.6 million years into the current ice age. We may have an other 37.4 million years to go. We are in what is called an interglacial period or a warming leg of our ice age. We have continental ice sheets in the Arctic, Greenland and Antarctica. Because of that we are in an ice age even if we don’t think of it as such. 

Here is where I have been thrown for a loop. Is the earth naturally warming in this inter glacial period and would be doing so regardless of human activity? Or are we prolonging this interglacial leg? Could we even be cutting the current ice age short? I am going with the first one as there have been massive methane releases and volcanoes and forest fires on huge and small scale through earths history GHG’s have come and gone but the history of the earth shows the climate changes like the Katy Perry song sometimes quick and sometimes gradual.  

Our climate is changing, there is no denying that. I think the main difference is the current state of earths soil. We will talk about it tomorrow. 

Here is a hint as to why this is relevant to our spring leaning challenge.  

The ecosystems of healthy soil and the ecosystems of a healthy gut (a healthy you) have allot in common. 


Coach Gary


A Paradigm Shift is what the Doctor Ordered

Hi everyone,

I hope I didn’t lose anyone with the whole corrupt food/health/political system stuff. I really feel that if you are going to live the whole food/sleep when it is dark life you should know why the systems mentioned are working against you. I think you need to know why there is so much confusion and who propagates that confusion amongst us lay folk. 

I came across a book not too long ago by Chris Kresser called Unconventional Medicine. In it Kresser offers solutions for chronic disease reversal and chronic disease prevention. Kresser offers solutions on how to incentives the metabolic side of health care. Of course his system was made for and works in an American model. Canadian Health care costs money none the less. If the solutions offered in his book were to be implemented on a national level here and tweaked to fit Canadians I think the cream would rise to the top. People like Joel Salatin, a carbon farmer in Virginia who can produce more calories per acre without chemical inputs than any chemical mono crop operation. Imagine transforming a 1000 acre Canola crop with all its chemicals and fossil fuels replaced by 10 family farms using very little petrochemicals and no biocides. Farms that mimic local biological processes and produce lots of calories that cure disease. This in turn sequesters carbon into the soil. We have tremendous potential to capture all the carbon released onto the air by human activity since we started lighting fires through intensive soil management. We would save billions in health care. Grand Parents can have foot races with grand kids. I know I will. Give Kresser’s solution a listen.

Inform your own opinion,

Coach Gary 

The Sugar Cartel Part 3


Forget for a minute that that there are big players with deep pockets actively fighting against your health and the health of your loved ones. Imaging if we won the Metabolic War and our food systems and medicine were on point. What does that look like to you? Did any of you pick up Gretchen Rubin’s book Better Than Before? Remember where she describes the four pillars of health being cascade habits that make all other good habits easier to attain? What if whole food, sleep, movement and community were the main message being told to us in schools, at the hospitals, at the supermarket and at the Dr.’s office? Collectively, I see that leading to healthy and able bodied people growing our economy in a smart sustainable direction. I see Grand Parents monkey baring with the Grand Kids. I see millions of lives saved and billions of dollars invested elsewhere. It’s up to us. More on this tomorrow. I am going to break away from Science Saturday and offer up a solution that could potentially transform our society whole sale. From Health Care to Agriculture and all the carbon in-between. 

Lets talk about who is on our team in this metabolic war. We know about Fettke  and Noakes from yesterday. Today, check out the situation with Quebec family physician Dr Èvelyne Bourdua-Roy. Dr. Bourdua-Roy’s regulatory body, the Quebec College of Physicians, is investigating her for comments on diet and nutrition she made on a radio talk-show. Nutritionists who might be members of Dietitians of Canada (DoC) lodged complaints, claiming that Dr. Bourdua-Roy made  “inappropriate declarations”. I say maybe because in this linked article Marika Sboros asked DoC president if it was member who launched the complaint and the President refused to answer the question.

Before I talk about the rest of the players on our side here is the proof I mentioned yesterday. This is a detailed list of the folks being paid by Coca cola the ring leader of the Sugar Cartel.

The Canadian Senate is with us.The Canadian Senate produced an Obesity report in 2016. In it they consult with folks who get results in the Health and Wellness industry and call out Health Canada for sub-par recommendations. Also on our side are over 700 Canadian Doctors and Allied Health Professionals who have signed a letter to The Federal Minister of Health.

Here is a more detailed letter.

I am happy to say Dr. Bourdua-Roy is not alone in her fight and neither are we. I am very optimistic we can get a handle on public health with in our lifetime. Our Health Care system of over burdened with chronic lifestyle conditions including the acute stuff that goes with it. Our Health care providers are great at putting all the Humpty Dumpty’s back together with their second to none acute care skills. Lets lighten the load on our over burdened system. Take what you have learned during this challenge and take a life time to continue on being healthy until the real challenge is over.

As Coach Gassman said in CFJ #15

“Suppressing truth is like holding a beach ball under water; it takes constant work against a tireless resistance.They have slipped and our position sits like the beach ball on top of the water, where everyone can see it.”

Thank you,


Coach Gary   





The Sugar Cartel Part 2


How is everybody doing today? I hope everyone’s clothing are fitting better. Mine are. My sleep is on point. Not to say there hasn’t been a hiccup or two because there has. I am very glad I confessed my struggles to you all. It is helping me stay focused when I get complacent enough to drift toward my old habits of fighting sleep and eating night carbs.

I hope you all have had the opportunity to look at Dr. Fung’s information. 

One question you might be asking; What is the deal with this “Sugar Cartel”? Before I explain that I want to introduce you to the Doctor’s I mentioned yesterday because they are very much related and their story’s are a great segue into that explanation. 

The Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency delivered a gag order in an email to Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Gary Fettke. “In particular that he does not provide specific advice or recommendations on the subject of nutrition and how it relates to the management of diabetes or the treatment and/or prevention of cancer.”

After a two-year investigation, Dr Fettke was barred from using soap boxes like social media to give nutrition advice. Dr’s Fettke’s formal qualification as a practicising doctor is administered by AHPRA. This organization would rather an Orthopaedic surgeon amputate diabetic limbs over prescribing a ketogenic diet. His accusers have never been revealed only that they are dieticians. You can read more about it here.

Dr. Timmothy Noakes is an A1 rated scientist in the field of sports and exercise science and is a professor at the University of Cape Town. His A1 rating comes from The National Research Foundation of South Africa and is the highest rating a scientist can receive. Professor Noakes replied to a twitter query regarding what he thought a baby should be weaned onto. Low carb high fat was (I am paraphrasing) his reply. The President of the South Africa Dietician Association launched a complaint with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). These are the folks responsible for Doctors professional conduct. For four years the HPCSA tried to nail Noakes for “unprofessional conduct for giving a nursing mother unconventional advise that may result in harm.” Noakes and his legal team trounced these folks with the science, the HPCSA were made to look foolish in this 4 year witch hunt. The crazy part is the HPCSA recently launched an appeal even after their shellacking and public exposure of the mainstream dietetic advise being non evidence based and also harmful. 

You can read about this epic trial of modern day Galileo here.

The Sugar Cartel. Follow the money. A big portion of Australian Association of Dietetics and the South African Dietetics Association comes from Big food with Coca Cola at the forefront of the big money hustlers. Friday I will offer proof when I tell of Dr. Evelyne Bourdua-Roy Canadian version of the Sugar Cartel’s attempt to silence her. 

Pure White and Deadly,

Coach Gary




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