1. Eat mostly meat, fish, lots of vegetables and healthy fats, and some fruit.

2. Eat a variety of different foods. Rotate your proteins, vegetables and fats.

3. Avoid processed foods. Prioritize quality, local, seasonal foods. Unpackaged naturally sourced foods are your best bet. Anything with an ingredient list should be considered suspect and should be carefully inspected before consuming.

4. Avoid added sugars, including natural and artificial sweeteners.

5. Minimize grains. In particular, avoid gluten. If eating grains, ensure they are adequately prepared by soaking and fermenting.

6. Minimize legumes and beans unless properly prepared by soaking . In particular, avoid soy, peanuts, and canned beans. If eating legumes and beans, ensure they are adequately prepared by soaking and fermenting.

7. Minimize dairy. In particular, avoid low fat dairy products. If eating dairy, choose raw dairy from grass fed sources.


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