Prices range from $8 per class up to $25 per class, billed on  a monthly basis. Choose 12 workouts per month or unlimited.    The training fees include general nutritional counseling, programming, professional coached workouts, and many special events and seminars. Memberships give you access to over 80 group classes per week, including CrossFit, CrossFit Lite, Yoga, Kettlebell and Mobility Classes.

*We love having visitors from other gyms. If you have at least 6 months experience doing CrossFit at another affiliate, you can drop in for one of our CrossFit classes.  Just email info@crossfitwinnipeg.com to let us know which class you want to attend. If you are new to CrossFit, you may drop in for one of our CrossFit LITE or Agatsu classes, including Kettlebell, Gymnastics Strength, Movement & Mobility, Yoga, or HIIT classes.


Want to try functional training without the heavy weights?  The CrossFit Lite membership focuses on general physical preparedness using your bodyweight, kettlebells, medicine balls, and dumbbells.  This membership allows you to train functional movements in a small group setting, with intensity, focus is on mastering movements and skills before moving on to more complex skills. includes unlimited access the following classes: Gymnastics Strength, Kettlebell, HIIT, Movement & Mobility, Yoga.


Are you looking for a more personalized approach? Personal training offers one-on-one training customized to your needs and fitness levels.