Steel Club and Mace Workshop #2

Free workshop: January 26, 2019 from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Our first workshop was a blast, so we’re hosting another one!!

Learn about the benefits of these versatile tools. We’ll cover the basics of Steel Clubs and Steel Maces in this introductory workshop co-hosted by White Lion Athletics, CrossFit Winnipeg, and Agatsu Winnipeg.

Ancient tools with contemporary relevance

They can be used to make you stronger in daily life, athletics, and general fitness. When used safely and effectively, Steel Club & Mace Training can develop your mobility and strength through a broad range of movements and multiple planes of motion.

Designed with uneven weight distribution, these tools are ideal for strength and conditioning as well as rehab and prehab.

Who Are These Good For?

Athletes involved in throwing sports (baseball, cricket and lacrosse); racquet sports as well as jiu jitsu. Steel Clubs can also be used in rehab and prehab for shoulders as well as preventing tennis and golfer’s elbow. The Steel Mace, with its disproportionate weight distribution, makes it an excellent tool for building core strength, rotational power and performing full body strength and conditioning workouts. With the majority of the Mace’s weight being at the end off the shaft, the fundamental challenge comes from developing sufficient levels of mobility , balance and strength to offset the Mace’s weight and momentum as you move it.