21 Day Nutrition Kickstart

The holidays are OVER! Back to work and back to real life. It also means back to a real diet that isn’t focused around cookies and chocolate! Whether you’re looking to feel better or move a little quicker in the gym, this 21 day kickstart is designed to get you feeling lean and mean.

3 Weeks is the Perfect Starting Point

This free nutrition challenge will start Monday, January 14th and wrap up on Sunday, February 3rd. You will be tasked with eating clean for 21 days, keeping a daily points checklist and posting your meal prep plans and recipes to our Facebook accountability group.

Here are the 5 Checkmarks We’re Focusing on:

Check 1: No Sugar or Alcohol
Check 2: No Grains or Starch
Check 3: No Processed Foods
Check 4: 12-hour Fast (Excludes Water / Tea / Black Coffee)
Check 5: Workout at CrossFit Winnipeg or Exercise with Friends or Family

Let’s Break Them Down a Bit:

Check 1: No (Added) Sugar or Alcoholic Beverages

No table sugar, maple syrup, corn syrup, coconut sugar, agave, honey or any other added sugars. Check your labels! Fruit is fine (natural sugars), but limit it to one or two servings a day. Alcohol of all kinds will also be lumped into check 1.

Check 2: No Grains or Starch

No breads, tortillas or wraps. No potato, sweet potato, quinoa, yam, rice, cassava etc. What should you eat instead? Meat and lots of veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit and a little dairy.

Check 3: No Processed Foods

If it’s made in a factory, sold in a package and has ingredients you can’t envision in their natural state… don’t eat it. If the ingredient list is made up of real foods that are not covered in checks 1 and 2, go ahead. For example: natural peanut or nut butters, jarred tomato sauces or frozen veggies are all fine as long as the ingredients are clean and do not include any chemicals, fake food products, grains, starch or sugar. Sausages from a reputable butcher are fine as long as you verify that the ingredient list is clean.

Check 4: 12-hour Fast (Excludes Water / Tea / Black Coffee)

Pretty simple: you get a 12-hour eating window. If you stop eating at 8pm, you can start again at 8am. Water, tea and black coffee are excluded, so you can drink them anytime. Why fast? It will give your body a reset and chance to pull energy from your fat stores. It will also keep you from eating 24/7.

Check 5: Workout at CrossFit Winnipeg or Exercise with Friends or Family

Get active! You can do it here at CFW, or find a friend or family member and get moving. We’re not setting a minimum time limit or step count. Ideas include shooting hoops with a friend, going for a walk with your dog or grabbing your partner or kids and doing a backyard workout. We want you moving,  we want you smiling and we don’t want you doing it alone.

Sounds Like Fun? Here’s What’s Next:

You can print a checklist and join the Facebook group here. The Facebook group will help with accountability, and become a database of meal prep ideas. You can also invite friends or family to join in on the challenge! There is no cost for them to take part. We want to help as many people as possible master the basics of proper nutrition.