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This event is running from 29 September 2017 until 27 October 2017. It is next occurring on October 6, 2017 7:00 pm

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CrossFit Winnipeg


The 2017 CFW In-House Team Series


Do you miss the rush of our FNL (Friday Night Lights) during the CrossFit OPEN season? Just can’t wait? Want to get some competition experience? Or just want to have some fun on a Friday night with your CFW BFF? Here is your chance! For five weeks, Starting September 29th, teams will compete in an Open/Frostfit style in-house competition. They will earn points for their team and see where they rank when the dust settles.


On Wednesday of each week, the movements (and weights, when applicable) involved in each workout will be released. The actual workout, however, will be revealed when athletes come together on Friday night. Why are we doing this you ask? CrossFit often prides itself in making its athletes ‘ready for anything.’ Competitors often have an expectation that they will know at least some of the workouts days or even weeks prior to the actual competition. Undoubtedly, this early release of workouts can lead to many positive, but also not-so-positive competition habits. After planning FrostFit, the Summer Showdown and the Barbell Classic, I can safely say many people have self-sabotaging habits that they most likely would not have developed if the workout was not released prior to (besides, I really love listening to people guess what the workout will be).


I also wanted to reduce the number of people (or teams) who want to ‘test out the workout’ prior to the actual day. Ok, so I totally get practicing the workout… you want to get a feel for it, or you and your partner want to map out a game plan but this begs the question, what if another team has zero time to do a run through, practice or plan? How big of an impact does this have? Also, not every team has the luxury of re-doing the workout and so, in an effort to level the playing field there are a couple of guidelines that teams must follow:


1 – ONE AND DONE. This is to get the competitive juices flowing, but also to have fun. Don’t let this take over your life. Time spent re-doing a workout is better spent training and getting ready for next week.

2 – Select the variation of the workout which most suits your team. Challenge yourselves but make sure your team is able to complete the minimum work required. No sandbagging workouts!


There will be three versions of each workout. You can think of them loosely categorized as novice, intermediate and RX. You will not be glued to one category, so for example, one week you may do the intermediate workout, and the next week you may do the RX workout. Pick the workout which most corresponds with your team’s’ skill/fitness level. In an effort to help teams decide what variation they should do, in some workouts, there will be a minimum work requirement that must be met by your team. This is meant to decrease the number of teams doing a more difficult version (then only getting a couple of reps) to be ranked higher.


Teams can be made up of two female or two male athletes. At least one teammate must be a member of CrossFit Winnipeg. Giving up five Friday nights may be difficult to arrange for some, so in the event that a teammate is unable to make it on a given Friday night, teams will have two options. Option #1 – Completing the workout during regular class hours on Sunday (9:00am to 11:00am). Option #2 – Teams will also have the option of having one sub. This person must be declared prior to the first week and will be the only other person allowed to compete for your team. Essentially, you may sign-up your team with a sub and consider yourselves a three-person team with only two of you completing the workout per week. One person may be the sub for several teams and this person may complete the workout for more then one team each week. Teams may only complete the workout ONCE. ONE-TIME. ONE AND DONE.


Top finishers will be awarded with gift certificates (thanks to our friends over at White Lion Athletics) and CFW schwag!



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