The 2018 CrossFit Open at CFW

The 2018 CrossFit Open is coming up fast! Here are some key dates and details, as well as some info about our plans for this year: Open registration begins January 11 The Open runs February 22 - March 26 Our Open Wrap-Up Party will be Thursday, March 29 What is the...

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My New Year’s Wish For You

2017 In Review As 2017 winds down, it’s time to express gratitude for the accomplishments and experiences of the year. As we've been doing for the past 8 years, we started off the year with FrostFit, the biggest functional fitness competition for CrossFitters in...

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‘8 Crazy Nights’ Hanukkah WOD Recap

The 8 Crazy Nights workout is a way for me to share a piece of my culture with the people I spend the vast majority of my time with – you guys! So here's the Hanukkah story in a nutshell: a small army, called the Maccabees (hence the barbell complex), defeated a giant...

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Health & Wealth Forum Recap

This Saturday marked the very first of what I hope will be many more events held in conjunction with my brother Rob of Tetrault Wealth Management Group.  It was the first time that we hosted a forum style Q&A with various health experts of the community and we are...

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Life Lessons Learned at the Gym

I pretty much live at the gym.  There is a couch in my office and I have been known to sleep there on occasion. It is home and it is filled with people I consider my family. In many ways, the gym is also my classroom. Here are some of the...

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The Many Benefits of Squatting Deep

By: Megan Maes A heals down, hips below parallel squat should be easy and comfortable. It should be a relaxing position. If you struggle to get down into a squat, or you need to fight for ten seconds at the bottom, you may be spending too much time in your office...

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8 Benefits of CFW Kids

By: Daniel Billinkoff Our kids classes are loud and raucous. The kids get to blow off steam, run, jump, lift, throw, climb and tumble. They get sweaty, red faced and they don't want to leave. They love it and that's awesome. They're kids! It's CrossFit! Within that...

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Health & Wealth Forum

CrossFit Winnipeg is teaming up with Rob Tétrault of Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group to host a Health and Wealth Seminar. Join our panel of experts on November 25th from 3PM to 5PM for a Q&A session. PANEL OF EXPERTS Tania Tetrault Vrga / Founder and Head Coach at...

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Yoga is back

We are excited to announce that starting next Monday, November 13th, Kathryn will be teaching a 60 minute Yin Yoga class at 5PM at CrossFit Winnipeg. One of the projects we completed during our summer renovations was to update the floors and expand the yoga room....

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Welcome Dakota Weightlifting Club

  I'm very excited to announce that CrossFit Winnipeg is the new home of the Dakota Weightlifting Club. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner up with such a great organization. We hope that this is the start of something great! Where CrossFit Winnipeg can...

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