New Class: Bells, Clubs & Maces

I'm so grateful that I get to workout today. This is a very different mindset than "I have to workout today", and it's the best tool I know for designing an active lifestyle. Some days I want to go hard, lift heavy stuff, and sweat buckets, but some days I just want...

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The Art of Showing Up

Quick fixes are bullshit. The long game has always been important. To me personally, and to CFW as a business. Our mission is happiness through health, and that's not something you can turn on with the flick of a switch. What differentiates success from failure is...

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Happy Holidays From CrossFit Winnipeg

During this holiday season, I wish you peace and joy, strength and flexibility, resilience and grit, love and happiness… I wish for each of you the time to train without work hassles and traffic delays, and the time to eat and play with friends and family without...

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Taking Ego Out of Goal Setting

In 2009, I was training for the CrossFit Games. In 2011, I trained to become a Senior Kettlebell Instructor. In 2013, I trained for a Powerlifting meet. In 2014, I trained for Olympic Weightlifting. In 2015, I trained for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. Not sure...

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Benchmark Bash at CFW

Mark your calendars, book the night off, call a babysitter... You're invited to our Benchmark Bash!! We're planning a fun (and free) CrossFit event that'll run Friday nights this Fall. Come tackle some of CrossFit's raddest benchmarks, push yourself to the limit and...

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The Secret to Goal Setting

Goal setting is an essential part of any health and fitness journey. As a coach, I design workouts for our group fitness and personal training clients, so it’s important to know what my clients are trying to achieve. Most people just want to lose some weight, or a few...

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The Beauty of a Blank Slate

Don’t believe the myth that you need to get in shape before getting in shape. As in: “I need to lose ten pounds before starting CrossFit.” Or “I need to build a base before jumping in.” If you could do it on your own before starting CrossFit, you wouldn’t need us. And...

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We know that walking into a new gym can be intimidating and that starting a new fitness plan can be daunting. But we are here to help. Everyone starts with a No-Sweat Intro. Schedule an appointment today and let’s discuss how we can help you achieve your full potential!