The 3 Myths of Motivation

- by Tania Tétrault Vrga When it comes to motivation for fitness and nutrition, it is believed that the key to success is willpower. We are taught that physical activity and healthy lifestyle somehow need to be difficult, that it requires a perfectly...

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Start Now. And Never Stop.

Looking for that secret sauce? The hidden door at the back of the wardrobe that will bring you straight to your fitness goals? Well, here it is: Start now. And never stop. Where do you start? Whether you’re 75 pounds overweight and scared for your life or...

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Why 30 Minutes is Enough

-by Tania Tétrault Vrga I feel sad. That's exactly what my two year old would say in this situation. He recently started giving me daily updates on how he is feeling; sad, happy, tired, angry. For him, it's very cute, for me, not so much. I'm...

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5 Habits of Highly Effective CrossFitters

I’m no expert by any means, but after almost six years and 1,200 classes, I’ve noticed a number of habits amongst people I’ve tried to emulate and learn from. I won’t try to distill all I’ve observed into a single post, but do want to share 5 common characteristics of...

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Building a Heavy Metal Mindset

By: Adrian Theroux Here are two fun little facts about me: One, I love making fun of CrossFit. Two, I also love coaching CrossFit. CrossFit to me is like that friend who has all these silly quirks that you give them a hard time about, yet you couldn’t imagine your...

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This is Badass. This is CrossFit.

Spoiler alert: the vast majority of CrossFitters are not what you think they are. Most of the people sweating it out in CrossFit gyms aren’t professional athletes. They don’t have abs or a 550 pound deadlift. The majority of CrossFitters are moms, dads and students -...

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2017 Fuel for Fall Wrap-Up

How many of you have done a fitness or nutrition challenge, only to go back to your old habits once it was over? When planning this year's Fuel for Fall, I wanted to avoid this. I approached this year's challenge with the main goal of helping people create positive...

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