We are already one week into our 21 Day Nutrition Kickstart! You can still jump in if you are interested in getting your nutrition in check for the fall. Learn more here.


We are starting a new programming cycle this week. Some of the main priorities in this cycle will be deadlift endurance, upper body pushing gymnastics including pushups and handstands, as well as absolute squat strength. For energy systems, you’ll be seeing some variation, but a bit more emphasis on aerobic power intervals, lactic endurance and muscular stamina.  And we’ll be introducing a bit more mobility work within the class setting.

A few notes on how to read the summary below. We’ll identify the main purpose of the workout as far as whether it’s about learning (practice), about getting the work done (training), about assessing (testing) or just about showing up and having a good time (play). We’ll also identify the major energy systems we are using for the conditioning workouts.  Ventilation refers to aerobic workouts (heart pumping, lungs burning).  Plumbing refers to lactic acid workouts (you know that burning pukey feeling you get from Fran).  Electricity refers to the creatine phosphate system (used in short all out sprints or heavy/fast lifts), so you won’t see this as often in the metcon, as it is usually done in the Strength portion of the WOD. Don’t worry if this stuff doesn’t meany anything to you, the most important thing is to show up!

Monday: Training Day  – Lower body Max Effort Strength Work + Ventilation/Plumbing Metcon

Tuesday: Practice/Training Day – Upper Body/Gymnastics Strength Work + Muscular Endurance/Stamina Metcon

Wednesday: Practice/Play Day – Full Body GPP Mobility Work + Oly Skill + Full Body Ventilation/Plumbing Metcon

Thursday: Practice/Testing Day – Mostly Lower Body Dynamic BB Complex Skill + Full Body Plumbing Metcon

Friday: Training Day – Upper Body Strength Work + Full Body Ventilation Metcon

Saturday: Testing/Play Day – Full Body Strength Work + Squat Endurance Testing + Full Body Strongman Partner Metcon

Sunday: Make up a workout you missed or do the Benchmark Hero Workout

Spoiler Alert!  Click on the links below to see the details of this week’s group workouts.

CrossFit Sept 17 to 23

SWEAT30 + SWEAT45 for the Week of September 17

55+ Sept 10 to Sept 26

Mommy Me Sept 11 to 20