New strength cycle started recently.  Part A’s will be a little more straightforward and take less time to allow for longer part B’s.  Make sure to bring your running shoes 😉  Also Strongman Saturdays have started.  Regular class on Saturdays will give a chance to work with some strongman implements like the log and axle bars, as well as incorporating some push/pull/drag/carry medleys.

Monday: max effort lower body + lower/core metcon

Tuesday: dynamic push/pull (Oly) + push/pull metcon

Wednesday: gymnastics + cardio (Level Method Rowing testing opportunity)

Thursday: max effort pull + back and leg burner

Friday: max effort upper body + lower body conditioning

Saturday: Strongman Saturday

Sunday: bodyweight/GPP

Spoiler Alert!  Click on the links below to see the details of this week’s group workouts.

CrossFit for week of August 27

SWEAT30 + SWEAT45 for the Week of Aug 27

Mommy Me Aug 7 to 30