By: Sue Du

During the first class I learned how to use my legs and shift the weight into my heels when performing the snatch. The body finds a way to naturally cheat the movement which is counterproductive to the lifts. When we are patient with the legs the lift feels effortless. I liked that feeling. I didn’t have to kill the bar and it went up.

A couple of years ago I retired the split jerk from my lifting repertoire for fear of hurting myself or the lifter next to me. During the first split jerk I attempted, Terry commented, “You roll your weight in your right big toe.” I soon discovered with each lift I performed he had a keen eye that spots your errors or weaknesses. This comes from his decades of experience as a coach and weightlifter. The split jerk now became about learning to perform a controlled dip, a drive that didn’t roll forward and a split that was wide and deep enough.

He customizes his lifting program around your weaknesses and skill level. He breaks down the lift into components you can understand and focus on. He realized my unique challenges as a lifter and that he couldn’t correct everything at once, otherwise I would overanalyze things which led to minimal improvement. Each class he had me focus on improving one aspect of the lift and through repetition I am beginning to achieve this.

The 1.5-2 hour classes facilitate an environment where you can repeat the lift while achieving proper recovery. How fast you progress depends on how fast you learn. Terry stresses, PATIENCE, PATIENCE, use your legs and PATIENCE.

I would highly recommend Terry’s classes to all CrossFit members.

Interested in jumping in with Coach Terry? You can view his training schedule here.