The 8 Crazy Nights workout is a way for me to share a piece of my culture with the people I spend the vast majority of my time with – you guys!

So here’s the Hanukkah story in a nutshell: a small army, called the Maccabees (hence the barbell complex), defeated a giant army (with people riding on freaking elephants) to protect their holy temple. After the battle, there was only enough oil to light the holy lamp for one day.

Somehow, the oil lasted 8 nights. It was a Hanukkah miracle!

Kind of cool, right? Courage, strength and the will to fight… People on elephants?? Oil??? It’s no Santa Claus, but it’s all we got.

And yes there are presents during Hanukkah, but presents aren’t the focus. All of my best Hanukkah memories involve time spent at my uncle’s, with a fire roaring and our whole family together. I remember spinning the dreidel with cousins, lighting the menorah (for eight nights, of course) and going home smelling like friend onions from the potato pancakes.

Okay, so back to the workout. Why program a WOD that pretty much no one (except for Erik) will finish?

Because finishing it isn’t really the point. This one’s about the experience. And whether you or not you finished it, you’ll probably remember it. It’s about spinning the dreidel and throwing down with some of your best (gym) friends.

Also, we usually run out of candles or momentum by the 6th night of Hanukkah, so it’s actually a pretty accurate holiday workout. Eight nights is a lot.

If you made it in on Wednesday, thanks for participating! If you didn’t finish it, maybe next year you’ll get your own Hanukkah miracle and beat the workout. Probably not, but anything is possible.

PS – If you’re ever invited to a Hanukkah dinner, leave your coats outside in the car or you’ll go home smelling like onions. For real.