We are also very excited to announce that CrossFit Winnipeg is teaming up with the Dakota Weightlifting Club and Coach Terry Hadlow’s Optimal Training Academy. In essence, we are merging CFW’s Oly Barbell Club with the Dakota Weightlifting Club. This partnership will give the Dakota Weightlifting Team a new home and will give our members access to Terry’s decades of experience coaching the Olympic lifts at an international level. Our current lifters will have the opportunity to train with Dakota and we’ll also have some options for CrossFitters who want to lift in addition to their CrossFit Training. For those members who attended Terry’s workshop on October 15th, we’ll be holding the second part, focusing on the jerk, on November 19th. Sign up in Zen Planner.


Spoiler Alert!  Click on the links below to see the details of this week’s group workouts

CrossFit for week of Nov 13, 2017

Strength Club for Oct 23 to Dec 3, 2017

Kettlebell for week of Nov 13, 2017