Mary is a veteran, both of CrossFit Winnipeg WODs, and of our Annual Spring Leaning Challenge. It is a little known fact that Mary’s sister Kathy was my team mate for my very first CrossFit Team workout in 2008! Mary’s consistency in the gym and in the kitchen is paying off, with regular personal records, and some remarkable results every time she participates in one of our challenges. Mary’s work ethic, attitude and kindness make her the perfect workout partner, and she sets a great example for anyone who wants to use CrossFit to get better at sports and at life. Here’s Mary’s CrossFit story in her own words…

— Coach Tania

Mary’s Story


Before the Spring Leaning Challenge

I’d rather participate in a sport than watch it. Love playing ball hockey, soccer and do CrossFit. I play on a women’s 35+ rec league soccer and run a women’s ball hockey night for my churches sports program. I enjoy being a part of a church that helps people make there lives better spiritually, mentally and physically.

I also help out with our marathon club at school we take around 30-40 students and parents to participate in the super run every year. It was sad to miss for the first time since we started the program in 10 or more years ago due to family wedding in the states. Next year I’m shooting for 5k in under 25 mins. Anything physical at school I like to be a part of.
My church has life classes for bettering ourselves in our health body and mind. One of the coaches came and did a class on CrossFit and I got hooked, my sister Kathy started first and then I tried it out and loved the challenge it gave me in my workouts. That was 5 yrs ago. It was a little scary at first but now I love it.
My first big hurdle was the box jump it still intimidates me but in the last challenge I did the 24” box, but couldn’t move higher, next year. I am still working on a few challenges; rope climb and pull ups are a big ones for me, double under’s are hard too, but I keep practicing and one day it will click.
Crossfit has helped me see I can do anything I set my mind to.

Mary Before & After

Doing barbell weights was and still is a learning experience for me. Keeping all the different positions right  is a struggle, like hang clean, power clean and others. Taking a class with Adrian intimidates me but also pushes me to do better. I like dead lifts because it’s just one movement I guess thats why my last one was a big PR-255.

My favourite memory would be a work out we did with Megan and she wouldn’t let me stop the burpee ladder, I would have stopped at 12 but sat beside me a kept cheering me on and pushing me i think i went to 16.
Now when we do workouts like that i push my because i know I can do better. I love the groups I workout with and how they are all so encouraging and helpful.


This last spring leaning challenge was the biggest improvement for me.  I only lost 7 pounds but my waist went down by 10 cm and my fat on my mid section down by 30mm.  That was an awesome feeling and it keeps me going to better myself an stay healthy.
I feel great.