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Almost done! You know what day it is right? Science Saturday! I could not decide what to put for week six. Stress? Micro biome? Why not a bunch of stuff? Let’s fully reference this shindig! Happy reading fellow knowledge questers.

Stress,  Starving our Microbial Self- The Deleterious Consequences of a Diet Deficient in Microbiota-Accessible Carbohydrates,  acellular carbohydrates,  Is-eating-behavior manipulated-by-the-gastrointestinal-microbiotaNatural-environments-ancestral-diets,  Lifestyle and nutritionautoimmunity,  Culture and Medicine.

Your daily challenge for Saturday is to use filtered water.  Awesome if you already have a filter and if you don’t you can buy one for your tap, or a pitcher for your fridge, your hormones and general health will improve if you get a filter for your shower, as chlorine is at it’s most toxic when combined with other water soluble substances and inhaled in shower steam.