Alright – we are on the home stretch!  Everyone looks amazing so keep up the good work.

Please don’t worry if you haven’t been posting regularly.  You are still in the running as long as you continue to keep track of your food intake and your points and that you post a final wrap up for the group at the end of the challenge. We strongly encourage participants to post as this generally produces the best results but we don’t want you to give up just because you haven’t been posting.

We have copies of the measurements schedule at the gym for you to check. If for any reason you need to change your measurement time you will need to do that at reception and it should be within a day of your originally scheduled time slot or before so that we can keep it fair for everyone.


Please post your daily food log and point total to the comments section below or to our Facebook Group.

Pay more attention to potential toxins around you. To start this last week of the challenge, your daily challenge  for Monday is to make sure that your workout hydration isn’t poisoning you, that means choosing smartly for your water bottle, I recommend glass or stainless steel, but here’s a nice primer from Mark’s Daily Apple.