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One more week to go! Today, consider how many applications this paleo stuff has. Although nutrition is the premise of this challenge I don’t think we skimped on the sleep, stress and connection stuff. I really want everyone to look at life through the evolutionary lens but please don’t be dogmatic, this is just a template. Always reserve the right to change your mind when presented with new information. One topic we have not covered is learning and processing information. Lets call it Paleo learning. What if schools taught us how to learn? (I am in the process of checking this stuff out, makes sense to me and I see a big ROI if it works. I’ll keep you posted.) Your challenge for today is to watch and share this video with an educator to get their opinion. Please, no convincing if you buy in to the idea, just hear them out and consider their opinion with an open mind, kudos if you found a devils advocate.

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