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Happy science Saturday folks! Sharpen your pencils and protect your pockets it’s time to read a great paper related to our challenge. This should be a great guideline for modern medicine but sadly we have opted to reinvent the wheel that mother nature created. Good thing our movement is reaching more and more people who need to look at health through this lens. the western diet and lifestyle and diseases of civilization

Your daily challenge for Saturday is to try a fermented food. This can be as simple as buying some saukraut, kimchi, fermented salsa or Kombucha from the health food store, or as complex as making your own. Note that sugar will usually be listed as an ingredient but most of it is gone by the end of the fermentation process.  Either way, if buying from the store, make sure you still check ingredients and look for lower sugar content. Read on…

Mark’s Daily Apple Guide to Fermented Foods

Robb Wolf on Kombucha