CrossFit Winnipeg is issuing a challenge: for 6 weeks, we challenge you to eat clean, real  foods, get moving, and get your sleep on track in order to improve your health, fitness, performance, and of course, look better naked!  For the challenge, we’ll be giving you some guidelines for nutrition, sleep and exercise along with a points checklist to follow every day. We will have a blog and a private Facebook Group set up just for this occasion, and we will post articles, tips, recipes and bonus challenges on a daily basis.  This is also where you will be expected to log your foods and your points for the challenge. Just like last year, there will be a benchmark workout to be done before and after the challenge so that you can track performance better.

The CrossFit Winnipeg Spring Leaning Challenge starts with a Fat Loss seminar on Saturday, April 29th at noon!  Since the challenge is open to the public and not just CFW members, we’ll also be opening up the gym to the public and anyone who wants to participate in the challenge and do the benchmark workout. So if you’ve been wanting to get family or friends onboard with your healthy lifestyle, this is the perfect opportunity to sign them up! This year, you can choose from the following registration options.

1) Gold Challenge –  $80 – Includes before and after benchmark workout, Fat Loss seminar, points checklist and daily tips and challenges, before and after photos, before and after waist and hip measurements and before and after body fat skin fold measurement based on 3 sites. Winners based on logging/points, as well as most improved skin fold measurements and benchmark workout results. Prize is half of the Gold Challenge cash pot and CFW swag. If we have enough participants this year, we hope to give a prize for top male and female winners.

2) Silver Challenge – $40 – Includes before and after benchmark workout, Fat Loss seminar, points checklist, daily tips and challenges, before and after photos, and waist and hip measurements. Winners based on logging/points, and most improved measurements and benchmark workout results. Prize is half of the Silver Challenge cash pot and some CFW swag.

You will need to come by the gym to get your photos and measurements during the week of April 24th.  There will be sign up sheets at the gym at reception.  Note that weight loss will not be taken into account and photos will not be shared or posted without your permission.

We will be discussing our nutrition strategy at the seminar on April 29th but we will also post the points checklist and guidelines on the website and the Facebook group in case you can’t make it out to the seminar. All participants will receive a scoresheet  to log their efforts, which will be handed in at the end of the challenge. Each day you will have the opportunity to earn 5 nutrition points and 5 lifestyle points, including 1 flexible bonus point of your choice, which we’ll discuss at the start of the challenge. We’ll also post a tip of the day on the blog and you will be asked to log your food intake and total points for the day on this blog.  You’ll be logging your foods and points on our Facebook Group or the CFW Spring Leaning Blog by Sunday evening for each week, though we recommend doing it every day.  Our first day logging food and points will be Monday, May 1st, and we will post our  first Tip of the Day on Sunday evening.  The Challenge will wrap up with a benchmark workout on the weekend of June 3rd and measurements on the week of June 5th.

Interested? Here’s what you have to do…

  1. Read the descriptions above and decide which version of the challenge you want to do.
  2. Register for the challenge online HERE.
  3. If you are doing the Gold or Silver Challenge, sign up for your measurements using the sign up sheet at the gym. Measurements will be during the week leading up to April 23rd.
  4. Save the date.  We’ll kick off the challenge with a seminar and a benchmark workout on Saturday April 29th.
  5. Join the Spring Leaning Facebook Group to see daily challenges and updates and to log your daily food and points.