— by Tania Tétrault Vrga

A few months ago, one of our members approached me with an idea. That member was Matt G. Many of you know Matt as a loyal CFW member who spends quite a bit of time here. As it turns out he also has some skills as a designer.

His idea was to use the concept of the inukshuk to represent our community and he came up with a design that did just that. Inukshuk, the singular of inuksuit, actually means “in the likeness of a human” in the Inuit language. An inukshuk is a monument made of unworked stones used by the Inuit for communication and survival.

In Matt’s own words: 

“CFW is known around the CrossFit community as the friendliest gym around. An Inukshuk is a stone sculpture shaped like a person, signifying safety, hope, and friendship. These qualities are shown though the coaches and members of CFW. These stone sculptures were also important for navigation, as a point of reference, as a marker for hunting grounds, or to denote a food cache. They were visible in snowy conditions, can endure extreme weather and, ultimately, can help people survive. This is more then a statue, or a logo, this is a symbol of hope and friendship that transcends borders to reach all kinds of people.”


When I read this, I loved the idea so much that I’ve decided to use Matt’s design as part of our new logo, and you’ll also see the inukshuk featured on the new batch of CFW hoodies and sweatshirts coming in this week. So I did a bit more research…


The traditional meaning of the inukshuk is “Someone was here”, or “You are on the right path.” This really struck a cord with me, as it does a great job of capturing the true meaning of community, as one of CFW’s core values. The inukshuk is a tool for survival in that it communicates direction in a harsh environment. It represents the many unselfish efforts of a united group of people to build something that will make the way easier and safer for those who follow.


What is true about the Inukshuk is true about our community. Just as each stone in the inukshuk is separate, yet supported by the one above and the one below, each individual in our community is significant, yet strengthened when united by our common goals.

It is a product of cooperation, and teaches us that even though our individual efforts are important, we are not alone and we can find strength in unity. The inukshuk is a celebration of cooperation and our ability to succeed with others when we would fail alone.

It symbolizes the journey we have undertaken together, and celebrates each step along the way. It represents the gratitude we feel toward our travel companions and the respect we owe those who have come before us.


Big hugs and many thanks to Matt for the idea and the design. You’ll be seeing the inukshuk on our social media channels, as well as on our new hoodies and sweatshirts, so come by the gym and grab one before they sell out!


#strongertogether #ontherightpath #youarenotalone #journeytoextraordinary