Welcome to the Fuel for Fall Performance Nutrition Challenge Blog.  We’re down to the last week! Congrats on making it this far. Hang in there, only a handful of days left!

This week, we will focus on developing eating habits that support your goals.

Your bonus challenge for Monday, October 31st is to read this article about eating slow and sit down for at least 20 minutes for each meal, and do nothing but eat during your meal. This means no TV, no phones, no work, etc.  a “no snack day”. The intent is to be mindful about what you are eating and to slow things down a bit.

FF HWOD (At Home Workout of the Day for those of you who can’t make it in to the gym)

100 jumping jacks

80 lunges

60 squats

40 single leg romanian deadlifts

20 kneeling leg extensions

20 deck squats

40 supermans

60 hollow rocks

80 mountain climbers

100 scissor jumps

FFF RWOD (Recovery & Restoration Workout of the Day; use this for ideas on how to earn your Recovery & Restoration point for the day)
3 sets:
Couch stretch on the couch move in and out of end range x 10
Hold for 30 sec
Frog Stretch move in and out of end range x 10
Hold for 30 sec