Welcome to the Fuel for Fall Performance Nutrition Challenge Blog.  Hang in there and make sure you get all your healthy fuel in so you can keep kicking butt at the gym.

This week will be all about sports nutrition; what to eat before your workout, after your workout and what to take before, during and after your workout. Your daily bonus challenge for Sunday, October 30th, is to devise a system to document the relationship between your nutrition and your performance. There are different ways to approach this.  This could be as involved as getting an app or journal that allows you to carefully enter all your food and supplementation choices or as simple as reserving a space in your training journal/workout log to rate your nutrition choices for that day, you can use a scale of 1 to 10 or happy faces for good days and sad faces for bad days.  The CFW WOD Books, which are available at the gym, are great for this as each workout page has an area to rate your nutrition. The idea is to identify particularly bad food days or particularly good food days to see whether these affect how you feel at the gym or whether they coincide with bad training days or personal records.  You want to look for any patterns that might emerge and use this information to decide which supplementation and nutrition strategies work for you.

FF HWOD (At Home Workout of the Day for those of you who can’t make it in to the gym)


Go for a long jog, walk or hike outside.

FFF RWOD (Recovery & Restoration Workout of the Day; use this for ideas on how to earn your Recovery & Restoration point for the day)
20 minutes Yin Yoga (just find a video on youtube and go)