Welcome to the Fuel for Fall Performance Nutrition Challenge Blog.  Hang in there and make sure you get all your healthy fuel in so you can keep kicking butt at the gym.

This week will be all about sports nutrition; what to eat before your workout, after your workout and what to take before, during and after your workout. Your daily bonus challenge for Thursday, October 27th, is to eat a meal meal before your workout that will fuel your workout.  This meal can be anytime during the day before your workout.  It can be a bit harder if you are training first thing in the morning but the challenge will be to make sure that you are not training completely fasted. Though training fasted can help with fat loss for some people, it certainly won’t help your performance. The minimum requirement for this meal is a healthy portion of fat to keep your mind sharp for your workout. If you train in the morning, consider some nuts with your coffee or give the buttered coffee trend a shot.   If you are looking to gain muscle mass make this a full meal with protein, fat and carbs.

FF HWOD (At Home Workout of the Day for those of you who can’t make it in to the gym)


1-3 rounds:
50 squats
50 rear lunges
50 Kossack lunges
50 step-ups
50 bootstrappers
FFF RWOD (Recovery & Restoration Workout of the Day; use this for ideas on how to earn your Recovery & Restoration point for the day)
 Legs up the wall for as long as you like… 🙂