Congrats! You’ve made it through day 1!

Our theme for this week is to get into the right mindset for the challenge to come.

Your daily bonus challenge for Tuesday, April 15th is to set meal plan for the week and go shopping.  If you have already done so, good for you, please give yourself a point for this bonus challenge. Here are some resources you can use to help you with this:

 Paleo Stock Up Shopping List – can print this out for a good list of staple foods.

CFW Simple Meal Plan – No recipes but very simple, almost no prep required, includes shopping list.

CFW Shopping Guide  – This has meal ideas and shopping tips, it does however, have whey protein as a supplement, which we are avoiding for the challenge so keep that in mind.

Paleo Food Matrix – This is the answer to “I’m bored” or “I just don’t know what to eat”

Paleo Leap 14 day meal plan – I haven’t checked all the recipes but it seems like a good place to get ideas.