Fitness & Performance:
A. Overhead Squat, build to a heavy set of 3 reps.
B. AMRAP in 20 min:
Row x 21 calories
OHS x 15 reps (95/65)
T2B x 9 reps

* Please note that if you haven’t done your “Cindy” workout for the Spring Leaning Challenge you can do it as Part B of today’s workout, instead of rowing overhead squats and toes to bar, do pullups, pushups and squats for the 20 minute AMRAP

A. Overhead Squat, build to a heavy set of 3 reps.
B. 4-5 sets for quality:
OHS x 5-6 reps
Plank or hollow x 20-30 sec
Superman or hip bridge x 20-30 sec
Row x 90 sec at easy recovery pace

A. Clean & Press 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
B. 3 sets for reps, 1 min at each station (50 sec work + 10 sec transition):
KB Snatch Right
KB Press or Push Press Right
KB Rear Lunge Right front rack alternating legs
KB Snatch Left
KB Press or Push Press Left
KB Rear Lunge Left front rack alternating legs
Russian Twist
1 min rest between rounds

Gymnastics & Mobility:
A. 1 set each, coach’s choice for direction and variations:
Bear, Frog Tuck Hop, Monkey, Lizard, Crab
B. 4-5 sets:
L-Sit to tuck or to shoulder stand on paralettes x 2-3 reps
Bridge up or Crab Reach x 10
Handstand Shoulder shrugs, wall Facing 10-12 reps, with HSPU negative at the end of the set
C. 3-4 sets:
Shoulder Cuff complex with bands or weights 10 reps each
Dragonflag, Leg Circles or Hollow leg slides x 30 sec of work
D. T-Spine & Hip Mobility, then 4-5 sets 30 sec each:
Weigthed Side splits on wall
Weighted Pike Stretch
Weighted superman with dowel and small plate or training bar