Health, Fitness & Performance:
A. Build to a heavy but technically sound load on the following complex:
Clean Grip Deadlift x1
Clean Pull x 1
Hang Squat Clean x 1
Front Rack Rear Lunge x 2-3 per side
Jerk x 1
B.7 sets, every 3 min for 21 min:
Clean Grip Deadlift x 2
Clean Pull x 2
Hang Clean x 2
Front Rack Rear Lunge x 2 per side
Jerk x 2
Box Jump x 10
* Option to use DB or KB instead of BB and KB Swings instead of box jumps for Health. Your choice of Jerk for the complex.

Gymnastics & Mobility:
A. 1 set each, coach’s choice for direction and variations:
Bear, Frog Tuck Hop, Monkey, Lizard, Crab
B. 4-5 sets:
Wall Walk with Wall Facing shoulder taps (or practice handtand walk freestanding)
Beat Swing or Kip for pullup
C. 3-4 sets:
L-Sit on floor or L-Sit on Paralettes with transition to tuck planche
Band Pull Downs x 15 reps or until triceps burn
Wrist pushups and torch pushups x 15 reps
D. T-Spine & Hip Mobility, then 4-5 sets 30 sec each:
Bridge, Bridge Up or Crab Reach

A. 3 sets:
KB Windmill 4-5 reps per side
Pulup 4-5 reps or Pullup Negatives 1-2 reps
B. 30, 20, 10 reps for time:
KB Snatch
KB Clean & Front Squat (15, 10, 5 per side)
C. Finisher if there is time, 2-3 rounds:
Pullover situp 30 sec
Russian twist 30 sec
Half Get Up Right
Half Get Up Left


Happy Easter!  Hope you had the chance to spend quality time with family.  The weekly news and programming update will be up on Monday.