A. Back Squat; 4-5 sets of 4-5 reps @ 31X1
B. 5 sets for quality:
DB Deadlift x 5
DB Hang Clean x 5
DB Thruster x 5
Side plank x 20 sec each side
C. Foam Roll 10 passes each front, side and back of thighs, lats, glutes

Fitness & Performance:
A. Back Squat, take 2-3 sets to build to a set of 5-6 reps @ 31X1 tempo, then do 1 set of 20 breathing back squats. You shouldn’t need to take too much weight off the bar to do your set of 20 if you are properly following the tempo. If you did this last time, add a conservative amount of weight 5 to 10lbs, if you didn’t, a good place to start these breathing back squats is around 50%-60% of your 1RM.
B. 7 Rounds for time:
DB Deadlift x 7 (35/25 and 50/35 per hand)
DB Hang Clean x 7
DB Thruster x 7
Burpee x 7
C. Foam Roll 10 passes each front, side and back of thighs, lats, glutes

A. Warm-Up: Bear, Frog, Tuck Hop, Monkey, Lizard, Crab
B. 3-4 sets:
Muscle Up to Ring Support, to shoulder stand or tuck shoulder stand (scale to jumping muscle-up to ring suport then negative ring dip and lower)
Bridge Rotations, Wall Capes or Crab Reach x 8-10 reps total
C.3-4 sets:
Sommersault, Forward roll or dive roll practice
Precision Jumps 20 reps, coach’s choice for pattern, use beams or boxes if desired.
D. EMOTM for 10 min:
Odd: Handstand hold, Handstand pushup, Bear Pushup or Wall Walk
Even: Shrimp Squat, PIstol or Deck Squat x 8-10 reps total

A. Seated KB Press 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 per side, in between sets do AMRAP-1 strict pullups or 1-2 negatives.
B. 3 sets for reps, 1 min at each station:
KB Clean & Press Right
KB Rear Lunge Right front rack alternating legs
KB Clean & Press Left
KB Rear Lunge Left front rack alternating legs
Russian Twist
1 min rest between rounds
C. Finisher if there is time, 2-3 rounds:
Russian Situp 30 sec each side
Russian Twist 30 sec
Flutter kicks 30 sec

A. Deadlift Build to EDM 6×3 – 88%
B. ESGDL 4×8
C. Chin Ups 6×6
D. BB Curls 350 Method