DSC_5404Health, Fitness & Performance:
A. 3-4 sets:
1.25 front squat x 5-6 reps
1.25 ring row x 7-8 reps
B.Complete the following for quality not for time, in any order you like, broken up however you like:
50 Kossack Squats or Pistol Squats (25 per side)
50 GHD hip Extensions or Good mornings
50 Deck Squats or Goblet Squats
50 Spiderman Planks (25 per side slow & steady)
50 Single leg bridge or hip thrust (25 per side slow & steady)
50 Hollow Rocks (or 25 hollow leg slides per side)
50 Bootstrappers
C. Legs up the wall

* Health athletes can substitute movements or reduce reps as needed. Performance athletes, choose tougher variations.

Gymnastics & Mobility:
A. 1 set each, coach’s choice for direction and variations:
Bear, Frog Tuck Hop, Monkey, Lizard, Crab
B. 4-5 sets:
L-Pullup or Active Hang (in tuck or L) x AMRAP -1 reps
Handstand pushup negative or at slow tempo x 2- 3 reps, deficit if you can
B. 3-4 sets:
Shoulder Cuff complex with bands or weights 10 reps each
Dragonflag, Leg Circles or Hollow leg slides x 30 sec of work
Bridge up or Crab Reach x 10
D. T-Spine & Hip Mobility, then 4-5 sets 30 sec each:
Weighted Side splits on wall
Weighted Pike Stretch
Weighted superman with dowel and small plate or training bar

A.3-4 sets:
Double KB Get-Up x 2-3 reps
Armbar x 2-3 reps
B. 30, 20 10 reps for time:
Snatch (15, 10, 5 per side)
Sumo KB Deadlift
KB Swings
Double Unders (x 2) or Singles (x3)
C. Tabata mashup:
Pullover Situps