What’s New

Well, the 2015 Open is in the books. You have one last chance to come in on Monday if you didn’t get the chance to do 15.5 over the weekend. What will we do with our Friday nights and Sunday afternoons now? Congrats to everyone who competed and thank you for representing CFW! I’m very proud of each and every one of you. Our potluck on Friday was a great success and it was wonderful to see Joao and Flavia, along with some old familiar faces, it kind of felt like a reunion.


Good times and great food at the potluck on Friday!


Easter is coming up so there are a few changes to the schedule.  Our last class on Good Friday, April 3rd, will be the noon class but we’ll have all our morning classes as usual.  We’ll be on our regular schedule for Saturday, and on Sunday we’ll do Barbell Club from 10AM to noon, then a Team WOD at noon.

We are so excited to have yoga back at CFW, and after a few setbacks, it’s finally here!  We’re having our first class this Tuesday, March 31st at 7:15. Kaitlyn will lead us through a Yin Yoga practice on Tuesday nights from 7:15 to 8:15PM, starting not this week, but at the end of March. These classes are for any skill level and the focus will be on breath and alignment. We’ll warm-up with a few poses that flow from one to the other and then we’ll spend the reminder of the class doing less demanding, longer stretches and holds to stretch out connective tissues and slow things down a bit. This class is included in your CFW membership and counts as a class just like our other specialty classes, just register in Zen Planner just like you would for your other classes.

We are just about ready for our annual Spring Leaning Nutrition Challenge, which will start after the Open and Easter. We’ll be doing our initial measurements after Easter weekend during the week and weekend leading up to April 13th and the Challenge officially starts on the 13th of April. Just like last year, we’ll have daily challenges, and benchmark workouts to track your progress.  Plus this year, we’ll set up a Facebook group for you to share your recipes and food logs. We’ll have several options for registration based on your budget, including a free version and two different versions where you’ll be contributing to the kitty so that the winners can get a cash prize.  If you want to lean out, improve body composition and performance, or lose some inches, Spring Leaning is perfect!

On April 18th, we have the WOD to End MS, which is a fundraiser for the Manitoba MS Society, so mark your calendar.


This week we start fresh with a brand new programming cycle.  You’ll be seeing more agility work, gymnastics and running, but of course we won’t stop lifting and getting stronger. We’ll be picking up our 20 rep back squats again and working on our overhead squats.  We’ll also work on our handstand pushups, push press, muscle-ups and weighted pullups. This week will bring some volume and a lot of single arm and single leg work, along with some core work and shoulder stability work that will help you build a base of stability and structural balance for the next round of big WODs and big lifts.  Take it easy this week and focus on doing each movement with virtuosity, but expect some soreness due to new and odd movements and to the extra volume we have coming up.

Monday: Mostly Lower Body

Tuesday: Mostly Upper Body, gymnastics

Wednesday: Skills, Agility & Conditioning

Thursday: Mostly lower body

Friday: Mostly Upper Body, horizontal pressing and pulling

Saturday: Mostly Lower body, Squat focus

Sunday: Barbell Club and Easter Team WOD at noon.

Spoiler Alert: Click on the links below to see the details of this week’s programming.

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