Without giving away too much, here are some of the movements and standards you might see for the semi final and final events.  The semi final will include the top 12 teams and the final will include the top 4 teams.

These movements may be in either or both of the last events:

Sled Drag

Sled pull begins with sled behind the line, and each length finishes when the entire sled has crossed the line. Athletes may not shorten the straps by wrapping them around wrists or body, other than one loop around the wrist for a secure grip. For the forward sled pulls, the athletes may not pull the straps out in front of their bodies with arms straight such that the front or the sled is lifted off the floor. Some part of the loops at the end of the straps should remain in contact with the shoulder or torso.

Partner Carry

Both athletes must start behind the line and finish past the line.  Teams may choose who will carry and who will be carried, and this can change at any time, however, teams may not move unless one team members is being carried by the other.  Any type of safe carry is allowed, piggy back, fireman’s etc.

Walking Lunge

The athlete must start behind the line and finish with the entire body past the line. In each step, the back knee must touch the floor. At the top of the movement, the knees and hips must be open (no duck-walking). In consecutive reps, the legs must be alternated. Resting at any point is acceptable, but movement must begin from the location of the last completed rep, which requires standing up fully with the plate overhead. It is acceptable to take a half step with the trailing leg to meet the front leg, but not necessary.

Front Squat

Bar begins on the ground. Front squat starts with the bar in the front rack position, hips fully extended. Hip crease must reach a position below the top of the knee in the bottom of the squat. The rep finishes in with the bar still resting in the front rack position, hips returned to full extension.

Partner Plate Burpee

Athletes start facing each other, each standing on a 45 lb bumper plate, such that the plates are directly in contact with each other. Both athletes jump or step their feet back down to the floor behind them at the same time, put their hands down on the floor behind the plate, and come down onto their bellies at the bottom of burpee. At the bottom of the burpee, both athletes release their hands from the floor and touch their respective plates with both hands. They immediately return their hands to the floor in order to jump or step back onto their plate, and finish the rep by making contact with both hands, in a double high-five.

Toes to Bar

Athlete starts from a full hang and raises legs up until the toes touch the pull-up bar. The arms and hips must be fully extended at the bottom and the the feet must be brought back to behind the body, not out front. Any part of the feet may touch the bar but both feet must touch the bar together at some point.The arms can be bent or straight.