About the Event

A lot has changed in the CrossFit world since  our inaugural FrostFit Games back in 2011. The sport has become more and more competitive as the field of athletes has grown. Over the past 5 years, FrostFit itself has also grown immensely from the local one-day competition back in 2011 to what we have today. We’ve had competitors from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the US and for us it has been a unique opportunity to bring the CrossFit community in Manitoba and the prairies together. This year, we’ve decided to go back to our roots and focus on community.

Our vision is of an inclusive event that is fun for everyone involved.  As such we have opted for a team competition for both the Rx and for the scale divisions, with workouts being a bit more accessible than most Regional and Games level workouts we’ve been seeing of late.  We’ll be calling our categories Rx and Novice.  As we indicated in at registration, the “Rx” category isn’t necessarily meant as a Regional level competition, but rather for any team, who as a pair, can Rx most standard CrossFit benchmarks, even if this may not be the case for them as individuals.  The scaled category, or “Novice”, as we’ll be calling it, is for first time competitors or those who have been doing CrossFit for less than a year, or where both team members typically scale most standard CrossFit benchmarks.  We will have some masters competitors in all categories and will award based on their performance relative to their peers. 

Events & Scheduling

In terms of programming, we’ve opted to make the 2015 FrostFit Games a “Best Of” edition, where we’ve chosen to take elements from our most popular workouts of the last 4 years of FrostFit.  Each event will be inspired by past FrostFit Events, so if you’ve been to past FrostFit events, the movements will be familiar. We’ve chosen athlete favourites as well as fan favourites, but in most cases, we’ve added a twist or variation on the workout.

All competitors will compete in at least 4 events, 3 on Saturday, and 1 on Sunday. The semi-final, Event #5 will include the top 12 teams and the final, Event #6 will include the top 4 teams. Events 1 and 2 will be announced on Wednesday, January 7th, and Events 3 and 4 will be announced on Thursday, January 8th.  We’ll also release a list of movements that may appear in the semi-final and final events.

This year, we’ve scheduled the Novice events earlier in the day and the Rx events later in the day. We’ll reseed after Day 1 and again for the semi-final and final event.  This way, you can let friends and family know they can come and watch for free in the mornings or in the afternoons.This also means that there will be multiple opportunities to register. Please see the schedule here.

Movement Standards & Scoring

Event explanations will be posted on the FrostFit page.  Rather than videos, we’ll post written movement standards so that you can read them in advance. We’ve also set aside 15 minutes before every workout over the weekend to review the event rules and movement standards, so that athletes will have a chance to ask last minute questions.

In past years, we experimented with a performance based scoring system that ranked everyone by actual amount of work they completed in relation their competitors.  I absolutely loved this idea, and had a great time analyzing performances the last few years, and I would like to thank my brother Charles for coming up with such a precise system.  However, in the interest of simplicity this year, we’ll be going with a very simple ranking system, where first place gets 1 point, 2nd gets 2 points, 3rd gets 3 points, etc., and the lowest score wins.  However, some events will be longer and more involved than others, so we will be weighing each event with a certain percentage. We’ll be releasing more details on this before the weekend. 

What to bring

  • Athletes will be expected to provide their own food for the competition and there will be a microwave on site if needed. Make sure you bring everything you need including water bottle, shaker bottle, supplements, electrolytes, snacks, etc.
  • There is a source of filtered water at the gym to fill up your water bottle.
  • There will be a small cantine for coffee, water, and snacks, mostly geared to hungry spectators.
  • Bring an extra change of clothes and all equipment you think you might need, including extra socks, lifting belt, and lifting shoes
  • Other equipment you might find useful for specific events are long socks, protective gloves, and your skipping rope if you have a preference.
  • Of course bring fans and a camera!

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