We finished our fall performance nutrition challenge last week.  We opted for a 30 day challenge this time, with emphasis on performance and energy rather than fat loss, which we do for our Spring Leaning Challenge.

Our challengers were awarded points based on a daily checklist designed to ensure they got all their macro and micro nutrients. They also did some benchmark workouts before and after the challenge, and took photos and measurements.  Scores were tabulated based on all of these factors, as well as a testimonial they wrote describing their experience during the challenge.  The twist is that this was a team challenge, so all participants competed with a partner to keep them accountable.


Congrats Sue & Kristie on their third place finish! Couldn’t crop out Jeff, looking good as always…



Half of our first place team, Amanda. Congrats to Amanda and Gary on placing first in the Challenge.


Megan accepting her award for honourable mention for best photos, measurements and testimonial. Congrats Megan!


I’d like to congratulate everyone who participated in the challenge. I had the privilege of reviewing all the data and tabulating the results.  It was fun and rewarding to read the testimonials, to hear about everything you’ve learned and accomplished and all the personal records that were set.  Even more amazing was seeing how much change nutrition can make in such a short period of time. For some participants the photos were nothing short of amazing. We gave out some awards on Thursday evening at our Holiday Potluck, so here are our winners!

Top Teams Overall:
1 – Amanda & Gary
2 – Jodine & Mary
3 – Sue & Kristie
4 – Marc & Jenny
5 – Karen & Doug
6 – Meghan & Janelle
Top Individuals Overall:
1 – Amanda
2 – Mary
3 – Gary
4 – Meghan
5 – Kristie
Honourable Mention for Best Photos & Measurements:
Meghan, as well as Jenny and Marc, who as a team took off several inches…