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Happy Holidays from CFW!

CFW would like to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season full of joy and peace as well as a prosperous new year. CFW wouldn’t be the great place that it is without our members and we invite you to come out for some team workouts during the holidays. Make sure you check the class schedule over the holidays, as our hours will be modified a bit.  We’l be closed on Christmas Day and have our last class at noon on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.  We’ll be having a team workout instead of regular classes on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

We finished up our Fuel For Fall Performance Nutrition challenge last week, announcing our winners at our annual Holiday Potluck on Thursday evening.  The food was fantastic and we’d love it if you could share your recipes on our blog here or on our Facebook page. Here’s the wrap-up along with results and photos from the potluck.

CFW is proud to host a GMB (Gold Medal Bodies) Rings Workshop for all our gymnastics enthusiasts on Saturday, December 27th from 10AM to 2PM.  We know it’s the holiday so we understand this might not be the easiest time to get away, however, we have a fantastic opportunity to host Kirsty for a half day workshop. We’ll still hold the workshop as long as we can get a few people, and we’ll be focusing on gymnastics ring training so this is perfect for those of you who want to get that muscle-up in 2015, or even for FrostFit. Kettlebell And Mobility Classes will be canceled so that we can host the workshop. Register here.


This week will be another week of mostly skill work and conditioning, in preparation for FrostFit.  If you are competing, try to come in with your partner for a workout.  though you will start seeing more barbell work, but it will still be more skill based rather than intensity based. We also start working on partner skills for FrostFit. All of our classes at CFW are planned and programmed so that we vary volume and intensity so that you can peek at specific times. This works regardless of whether you regularly attend the same classes.  You will still benefit from our periodization even if your training schedule is all over the place.  However, you need to trust in the coaches and trust in the program so that can perform at your best when the time comes.  This month is a time to build a base of skill and volume, not a time to test or to PR so keep that in mind as we train over the holidays. We want to prepare you for FrostFit as well as the Open so enjoy your workouts over the holidays and don’t stress too much about getting PRs.

Monday: Mostly lower body, squat focus

Tuesday: Mostly upper body, gymnastics focus

Wednesday: Half Day, last class at noon, skills and conditioning

Thursday: Closed for Christmas Day

Friday: Boxing Day Team Workout

Saturday: Mostly Lower Body, barbell complex

Sunday: Make up a missed WOD or benchmark of the week

Spoiler Alert: Click on the links below to see the details of this week’s programming.

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Olympic Weightlifting Programming for week of December 21st, 2014

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Kettlebell Programming for week of December 21st, 2014