Ok, this was supposed to be a 30 day challenge, but let’s wrap it up with a quick reminder to get your measurements, spreadsheet, testimonial and photos in by end of day on Tuesday to Tania@crossdfitwinnipeg.com if you want to be in the running for some prizes. To determine the winner or winners, we’ll be taking into account:

(1) Daily points as per your spreadsheet – this one is honour system!

(2) Photos and testimonial – write a few words to go along with your photos and let us know how the challenge went.

(3) Measurements – we are looking for improvements in waist measurements as well as waist to hip ratios.

(4) Improvement on benchmark workouts – this is important since it was a performance challenge so you can include the actual benchmarks as well as any other performance improvement or PRs you experienced during the challenge

Your bonus bonus challenge, is to have a drink to celebrate, if you are so inclined.  If you’re going to enjoy a drink, choose wisely! A glass of wine, a gluten free beer or hard liquor on the rocks or mixed with club soda are going to be much better choices than sweet drinks, wine coolers and cocktails. Also, if you decide to drink – make sure you eat clean and employ a two-drink maximum rule.