Last Day of the challenge!  Congrats to everyone who participated, you guys look great!  Remember to come by the gym on Thursday night for the Holiday Potluck, we’ll announce the winners around 8PM.

Your bonus challenge for the last day is simply to get organized to record your “After” Results.  Get together with your partner and make sure that you get the following:

 (1) Measurements

Measure the circumference of your waist and hips in centimetres sometime this weekend or early next week.  For the waist, measure around at the level of the belly button.  For the hips, find the widest part.  Enter those numbers in the Excel spreadsheet and it will calculate your waist to hip ratio. You may opt to also measure around your arms and thighs if you did this at the beginning of the challenge.

(2) Photos

Take another set of photos just like you did at the beginning of the challenge. Ideally, try to wear the same clothes as you did at the beginning and use a background that is not too busy. We recommend shorts for men and a sports bra and shorts for ladies, but photos will be kept private and it will be easier to see changes if you are not covered up with baggy clothing.

(3) Testimonial

Your testimonial should be approximately 250 to 500 words and can include you biggest takeaways from the challenge:

How has the challenge improved your life?
What did you learn during the challenge?
How has your performance improved? Did you get stronger or faster?
Has this challenge had surprising effects on your energy or mood?
What will you take from the challenge?
Will you be able to maintain what you have achieved?

This can be written in your email when  you attach the photos and spreadsheet. Points will be awarded as long as you make an effort for this and express what you’ve learned by doing the challenge.  If you make me laugh or cry, you’ll get bonus points!

(4) Spreadsheet with benchmark workout results and daily points

Your sheet should now be full of points for the 30 days.  You will also write down your results from the benchmark workouts you did this weekend. There is also a place in the spreadsheet for you to mark other PRs. Please make sure you send the Excel file complete with all the information including points, measurements and workouts, and ensure that the file has your name in it and “After” in the title so that we know it is your after file.


Please send your spreadsheet, photos and testimonial to by end of day on Tuesday, December 16th.