Welcome to the Fuel for Fall Performance Nutrition Challenge Blog.  Just a couple of days left. You can still retest your benchmark workouts during Sunday morning classes.

For the last few days, we’ll do a some bonus challenges related to other issues we haven’t covered over the past 4 weeks.  Your bonus challenge for Sunday, December 14th is to make Sunday a “no snack day”.  The intent here is not to reduce your total food intake or caloric intake, but to make sure that your are eating well at each of your sit down meals, meaning adequate protein, fat and vegetables.  Well balanced meals should ensure that your body is well fuelled to carry you through to the next meal. And contrary to popular belief, eating 6 times a day does not keep your metabolism ‘revved’.  On the contrary, the inability to function without eating every couple of hours can be a sign of blood sugar or metabolic issues.  This might be tough for some of you on Sunday, but give yourself that bonus point if you stick to your guns. Monday’s challenge will be a bit easier, I promise!

Please speak to your partner about making arrangements to do your final measurements and photos.  They will need to be sent in on Tuesday.