Welcome to the Fuel for Fall Performance Nutrition Challenge Blog.  We are almost done! Hang in there and make sure you get all your healthy fuel in so you can keep kicking butt at the gym. We are retesting our benchmarks this weekend.

This week will be all about sports nutrition; what to eat before your workout, after your workout and what to take before, during and after your workout. Your daily bonus challenge for Thursday, December 11th, is to add supplements to the water bottle you drink during your workout. We’re going to keep things simple and have you choose from either electrolytes or BCAAs.  Electrolytes help you maintain healthy levels of mineral salts while you sweat during high intensity workouts.  You can go with some of our Poliquin electrolyte packets, NUUN electrolyte tablets, Emergen-C packets or other electrolyte supplements that can be found at the health food store. Just stay away from Gatorade type products that contain insane amounts of sugar or sweeteners and artificial dyes and flavourings. If you don’t get the chance to source this out, you can also take the all natural route and add a dash of sea salt and some lemon juice into your water. If you are looking to gain muscle mass or perform better in the gym, you can also choose BCAAs, or branch chain amino acids.  These come in capsule or powder form.  You can take handful of capsules before, during and after your workout or add the powder to your water.