What’s New

Our Fuel for Fall Performance Nutrition Challenge is under way.  Check out the blog for details. Join us on December 18th when we announce the winners and get together for a Holiday Potluck. I will be at the gym most evenings this week in case you have any questions.  You can also email tania@crossfitwinnipeg.com.

FrostFit is sold out, but please email Marc if you would like to be put on the waiting list. Please also let Marc know if you would like to volunteer, we can always use some help during the week leading up to the competition and on the day of.

Another note is on our Saturday afternoon Competition Class, we had a lot going on this week and are still working out the scheduling so we might do this class every second week for December.  Please make sure that you look at the schedule before coming in.



We saw some fantastic results testing this past week.  We’ll see if we can post some photos of the Pull-Up, Back Squat, Jerk, and Deadlift PRs at some point this week. If you got a personal record in the last few weeks, please make sure that you put it on the PR board, we want to know how you are doing.  We are also in the process of working out the details of the next cycle of programming and would love some feedback.  If have a particular lift or movement you want to work on, let us know.

We start a brand new cycle this week.  This means a few weeks of “prehab”, skill work and lighter loads, along with a ton of single arm and single leg work.  Take this week as a back off week, or simply as an opportunity to be more mindful about how your body reacts to various movements we’ll be doing.  Notice imbalances from right to left, as well as which movements seem really tough and which ones come easily to you. Don’t worry so much about times or loads, but aim to move well. Then we’ll start gradually moving toward more intensity, right around the new year, then we’ll taper off a bit before FrostFit. Fitness and Performance will be the same workouts this week, but Performance athletes can choose to do additional mobility work at the end or to use a slightly heavier load, while keeping in mind that this week is not about loading up, so keep it at a weight that allows you to move exceptionally well.

Over the next few months, we’ll be doing a bit more work on snatches as a follow up to all the overhead squats we did recently.  We’ll continue to hit squats and some other type of lower body pulling movement several times per week, but you’ll be seeing a few more front squats. We’ll also work on shoulder health, and overall upper body strength, including some overhead pressing, gymnastics and rope climbs. As we get close to FrostFit, we’ll be doing some prep work for that, as well as some AMRAPs and other Open style workouts as we get into February.

Monday: Mostly lower body, squatting and deadlift skill work

Tuesday: Mostly upper body, overhead pressing and pulling, and gymnastics

Wednesday: Mostly core & conditioning, some carries and sled work

Thursday: Mostly lower body, Oly skill work and conditioning

Friday: Mostly upper body, horizontal pressing and pulling, with upper body structural balance work

Saturday: Mostly lower body, longer partner workout with skills, conditioning and core work

Sunday: Make up a missed WOD or benchmark

Spoiler Alert: Click on the links below to see the details of this week’s programming.  If you can’t find what you need, check back later on Sunday or on Monday morning as we’re still putting the finishing touches on these WODs.

Health Programming for week of November 30th, 2014

Fitness & Performance Programming for week of November 30th, 2014

Powerlifting Programming for week of November 30th, 2014

Olympic Weightlifting Programming for week of November 30th, 2014

Gymnastics Programming for week of November 30th, 2014