Welcome to the Fuel for Fall Performance Nutrition Challenge Blog.  This week is about macro-nutrients.  There are three macro-nutrients: protein, fat and carbohydrates. We will try to understand better how you can get the results you want by adjusting the quality, quantity, ratios and timing of your macro-nutrients. In order to see what works best for you, you will need to take inventory of your current situation and set priorities. Sunday’s challenge will give you some tools to help you make better decisions for the coming week.

Your daily bonus challenge for Sunday, November 23rd is to determine and write down your choices for each of these three categories. You can select more than one for each, but often different goals will require different approaches so it helps to decide on the main top priority.

  1. Health Concern : Choose a primary health concern from the following:
    • (a)  sleep/stress/mood/cognition
    • (b) digestion/allergies/food sensitivities
    • (c) inflammation/chronic pain/injury management
  2. Objective : Choose a primary goal from the following:
    • (a) lean out or lose weight
    • (b) gain muscle mass
    • (c) feel better and perform better regardless of body composition
  3. Body Type : Choose from one of the three main body types, check this article or this one  for more information.  Note that I don’t necessarily endorse the programs in the links, I just thought they had nice pictures and explanations of the body types, of course not everyone falls easily into one category but you can ask your partner for help if you are not sure:
    • (a) endomorph
    • (b) mesomorph
    • (c) endomorph

Give yourself your bonus point for Sunday if you write down your 3 priorities for the above and if you’ve planned out your meals for this week by end of Sunday.