Welcome to the Fuel for Fall Performance Nutrition Challenge Blog.  This week will be all about planning and preparing for the month and week ahead.

Your daily bonus challenge for Friday, November 21st is to create a cabinet in your kitchen and a designated area in your fridge and freezer for YOUR food. This will be especially helpful if you have kids, a significant other that’s not ‘playing’ the paleo game or roommates. Your food is for YOU and their food is for them. If the food isn’t in your designated space –DON’T EAT IT – it’s not yours!!

I stole this challenge directly from Robb Wolf.  Give yourself the bonus point for Friday if you get it done by end of day on Friday.  If everyone in your hours eats like this already or if you’ve already taken care of business, you can earn your bonus point by scheduling some time over the weekend to plan next week’s meals and do your weekly food prep.