Welcome to the Fuel for Fall Performance Nutrition Challenge Blog.  This week will be all about planning and preparing for the month and week ahead.

Your daily bonus challenge for Thursday, November 20th is to talk to your family and friends and let them know what’s in store for the next 30 days.  This might also include a spouse, a roommate or co-workers.  The idea is to (a) warn them that you’ll be working really hard over the next month to clean up your nutrition (b) explain why you are doing this, you can refer to yesterday’s challenge for that, and (c) enlist their support.  If you can get them on board too, that is the best possible scenario, however that’s not always realistic so it’s ok if they can just be there for you and understand the hows and whys.  Please give yourself 1 point for the bonus challenge if you get the chance to talk to at least one important person in your life about the challenge, or if you have already talked to them this week.