Welcome to the Fuel for Fall Performance Nutrition Challenge Blog.  This week will be all about planning and preparing for the month and week ahead.

Your daily bonus challenge for Wednesday, November 19th is to think about why you are doing this challenge.  It might be as simple as wanting to look great for the holidays or it might have something to do with wanting to kick ass at FrostFit or play with your kids.  Either way, take 10 minutes to think about this and write it down.  Post it on the fridge, on your computer desktop or on your phone so that you can refer back to it if things get a little rough over the next few weeks.

On another, slightly embarrassing note, we’ve found some mistakes in your points spreadsheet.  It looks as though your daily total was not including all 10 points for the day as the formula for the sum (in cell L18 for example, it says =SUM(B18:D18) when it should in fact read =SUM(B18:K18) and the same all the way down that column.  In addition the headers on the totals at the bottom didn’t quite match what we finally settled on for the daily points. Now, you have a few options.  You can download the corrected copy by clicking on this link and put in your data, but you’ll also need to fill in your workout scores.  You can also choose to ignore it for now and I can fix your final sheet when you sent it in.  Or if you know Excel, just fix it yourself. Sorry about the mistake and thanks to Jamie and Meghan who spotted these mistakes for us! I made this spreadsheet in the morning after getting about 4 hours of sleep, so if there is any lesson to be learned here it’s get your 8 hours of sleep!   🙂