What’s New

Thanks to everyone who brought a friend to CFW over the weekend, Bring a Friend Day was a huge success!  We had two prizes to give out for this event.  All members who brought a friend were entered in a draw to win a $50 gift certificate and the winner was Jeremy Boiteau.  Thanks Jeremy!  We also entered all the friends who came in for a trial workout into a draw for a free On Ramp and the winner of the On Ramp as Diane Manalo.  Congratulations Diane, we hope you enjoy the On Ramp and thanks to Florna who brought Diane in on Saturday. It’s not to late to refer a friend, remember you’ll get $50 off your membership if you refer a friend who signs up for On Ramp, and another $50 off if your friend buys a membership.  Please ask at reception if you have any questions about this.

Our Fuel for Fall Performance Nutrition Challenge is under way.  Check out the blog for details. Join us on December 18th when we announce the winners and get together for a Holiday Potluck. Jamie was nice enough to point out that there is an error in one of the formulas on the spreadsheet, don’t worry, we’ll upload a fixed one, but if don’t get the chance to download it or you’re not familiar enough with Excel to fix it yourself, just submit your sheet as is and we’ll fix it before tabulating the final scores.

In other news, we have a new class starting next week.  Our first Sport of Fitness competition class will take place Saturday, November 22nd at 1PM and you’ll be able to reserve a slot in your Zen Planner calendar just like any other CFW group class. This is a coached class that is open to all our members and is geared toward athletes who want to compete in the sport of fitness, at any level.  Our daily CrossFit group workouts are designed to help you get stronger, fitter, healthier, and more mobile.  Our competition classes will not do any of these things for you, but they will be a great opportunity to push yourself and to “play the game”.  These classes will include skills and strategies for competing, and will include several competition style workouts, so it’s great practice for FrostFit.  The workouts can be scaled to any fitness level, though we don’t recommend this class to anyone with injuries or mobility issues. We’ll periodically use these time slots for in house competitions.

As you know, Coach Joao is moving to London at the end of the month, and we hope to get together one last time before he goes. Stay tuned for more details. It seems for each member of the family we lose, we gain a new one, so I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the newest member of the CFW coaching family.  Phil has joined the CFW Coaching Apprenticeship Program and will be shadowing and helping with classes.  Phil has been training CrossFit since 2011 and has returned to CFW after a short hiatus in 2013, when he completed his CrossFit Level 1 trainer course. Phil already has a lot of experience coaching CrossFit at Prairie CrossFit so you’ll be seeing a bit more of him at the gym in next while. We are confident he’ll be a huge help around the gym.  Please say hello and ask him some questions next time you see him.



In CrossFit classes we’ll be doing some testing over the next two weeks.

Monday: Mostly lower body, overhead squat focus

Tuesday: Mostly upper body, pullup focus

Wednesday: Mostly, conditioning & mobility

Thursday: Mostly lower it, deadlift focus

Friday: Mostly upper body, gymnastics focus

Saturday: Mostly lower body, squat focus

Sunday: Make up a missed WOD or benchmark

Spoiler Alert: Click on the links below to see the details of this week’s programming.

Health Programming for week of November 17th, 2014

Fitness Programming for week of November 17th, 2014

Performance Programming for week of November 17th, 2014

Powerlifting Programming for week of November 17th, 2014

Olympic Weightlifting Programming for week of November 17th, 2014

Gymnastics Programming for week of November 17th, 2014