Welcome to the first day of the Fuel for Fall Performance Nutrition Challenge Blog.  This week will be all about planning and preparing for the month and week ahead.

Your daily bonus challenge for Sunday, November 16th is simple, create a meal plan for the week and go shopping for the week, or at least for the first half of the week.  Give yourself a point for the Bonus if you completed this at any time over the course of the weekend.

Here are some handy meal plan and shopping resources.  As part of your weekly plan, you will need to set aside some time to prepare your food.  A good way to plan this out is to pre-cook two types of protein and to take the time to wash and prepare several days worth of vegetables.  For example, you could brown some meat and throw it in the slow cooker.  While that is cooking, wash, peel and prep any vegetables you will need for the next few days.  You can also bake, sear for pan fry a second type of meat, or boil a dozen eggs for the week. You can also take this time to soak and/or roast some nuts if you like these as a healthy fat snack option or to freeze some casseroles, meats or veggies for the days you know you won’t have time to cook. Finally, sit down and decide what you will eat on each day and set aside the time to do any remaining food prep and the final cooking or preparation of salads or fresh veggies.

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