Our fall nutrition challenge is set to start this weekend. For a general explanation of what we’ll be doing, check out or original post. Here are some additional details of how we’ll be scoring the challenge, along with some resources to help you get the best results possible over the next 30 days. Saturday at noon we’ll have a short informal seminar to go over rules and guidelines and Sunday will be our first day of logging points.


You will submit your spreadsheet and photos on the first and last week of the challenge. The spreadsheet has areas to record your before and after measurements, your benchmark workout before and after results, as well as your daily points logging.

Your Final Challenge score will be a combination of 4 factors:

  • Daily Logging for Points
  • Performance Improvement on the Benchmark WOD
  • Body Measurements
  • Photos/Testimonial

Daily Points Logging

Here is a breakdown of how you can earn points on a daily basis. Each of the 30 days of the challenge, you will have the opportunity to earn 10 points, one point for each of these items. The first actual day of points logging will be Sunday, but on Saturday afternoon we will post the first Fuel for Fall Blog post as well as the daily challenge for Day 1- Sunday. Click HERE to download the score sheet along with points guidelines.

(1) Protein

Give yourself 1 point if you had 4 portions of protein today. One portion consists of meat,poultry, fish or eggs the size of one palm of your hand. This is a starting point, and the minimum you should be eating, but it is ok to eat more. Your best choice for meat is grass fed, pastured or game meat. Organic is not as important for meat. For fish, your best choice is wild rather than farmed. For eggs, your best choice is pastured or free run, organic omega 3.  If you are on a budget conventional meat, fish and eggs are fine.

(2) Fat

Give yourself 1 point if you had 4 portions of healthy fats today. One portion consists of healthy fats the size of your two thumbs. This is a starting point, and the minimum you should be eating, but it is ok to eat more. Your best choices are animal fats such as lard, tallow or butter  from grassfed or pastured animals, nuts, seeds or nut/seed butters, or fats from fruits such as olives, coconut or avocado. Avoid grain based oils such as “vegetable oil” and margarine. Use only fats that are solid at room temperature to fry or cook at high temperature, such as lard, coconut oil and butter. Please contact us if you have had your gull bladder removed.

(3)Fruits & Veggies

Give yourself 1 point if you had 4 portions of vegetables and fruit. One portion consists of raw or cooked vegetables, or fruit the size of your fist.  This is a starting point, and the minimum you should be eating, but it is ok to eat more. At least 2 of those portions should be vegetables, at least 1 of which should be leafy greens. If you want to lean out, limit overall fruit intake or stick to berries. For vegetables, if you want to lean out choose more leafy green vegetables and if you want to put on muscle and get stronger choose starchy root vegetables or tubers.

(4) Avoid The Big 3

Give yourself 1 point if you did not have any sugar, sweeteners, grains or industrial seed oils today. This essentially means avoiding all processed foods, as these prepared foods usually contain one of these, if not all of them. No conventional breads, pastas, no candy or deserts with added sugar, no artificial or natural sweeteners.  This includes Splenda, Nutra Sweet, as well as Stevia. No margarines or artificial trans fats, no vegetable oil, corn oil, or soybean oil. If eating out, ask and do the best you can, and give yourself a point if you made an effort to ask the right questions and did your best to avoid the big 3.

(5) Water

Give yourself 1 point if you drank 2-3L of water today.  This can include plain water, as well as tea or water infused with fruit. Hydration requirements vary by size and activity level. Use these bodyweight guidelines as a minimum, you might need a bit more if you sweat a lot or workout a lot.

Under 125 lbs – 2L

125lbs to 150lbs – 2.5L

150 Lbs to 200Lbs – 3L

200Lbs Plus – 3.5L

(6) Workout

Give yourself 1 point if you did a high intensity workout at CFW today, this includes CrossFit class, Kettlebell Class, Oly Class, Powerlifting, or Gymnastics.  A good hour or strength training  and high intensity intervals can be substituted but be honest about how much work you did. Keep a log of all your workouts at CFW, including reps and loads.  Also keep track of how you feel after your workouts and how well you recover.  These are metrics we can track for the challenge.

(7) Recovery

Give yourself 1 point if you did at least 15 minutes of recovery today.  This can include yoga, joint mobility, stretching, foam rolling, walking, playing a sport or active playing outdoors, even yard work. We will also count meditation, massage or other bodywork in this category. This is essentially your “me time” so use it for any recovery  or maintenance activity.

(8) Sleep

Give yourself 1 point if you slept at least 8 hours last night.  If you didn’t get 8 hours unbroken, you can make it up with a nap. Make sure your bedroom is completely dark, install black out shades or curtains if necessary, and cover up any lights or electronics in the room. It’s ok if you wake up during the night or if you don’t wall asleep right away, but to get your point, spend 8 hours lying down in the dark in bed.

(9) Supplements

Give yourself 1 point if you took your supplements today. This includes Fish Oil, Vitamin D, and Magnesium. These are the supplements we’ve found most members are deficient in, so they are worth a try. Like all aspects of the challenge, this is not mandatory to participate in the challenge, however, you will not receive a point if you do not take these, for the purposes of our little experiment. See below for details and dosages.

Fish Oil: 3 to 5 grams of EPA + DHA in capsules or liquid with a meal.  Make sure you read the label, many cheaper brands will require you to take 10 to 20 capsules per day to get the required dosage.

Vitamin D: 3000-5000IU with a meal.

Magnesium: 500-1000mg throughout the day or during your last two meals of the day.

(10) Bonus 

Give yourself 1 point if you completed the daily bonus challenge posted on the Fuel for Fall Challenge blog.  These challenges might be related to nutrition, food prep, meal planning, supplements, recovery, or anything we think might improve your performance. These challenges will be different every day and we will try to post them to give you enough time to get organized and complete the challenge.

Benchmark Workout

The benchmarks will consist of 3 short, non technical workouts, as we want these to be accessible to everyone, members and non members alike.  You do not need to do all of these, but please record at least one score so that you can submit it with your scoresheet.  You can also record other benchmarks as we do them in classes this week and over the next month or so. Your official performance score will be based on these 3 workouts, however, if you record improvements on other lifts or workouts, you may include this data in your testimonial at the end of the challenge.  If you do not have the chance to come in this weekend to do your benchmarks you may do the burpee ladder on your own at some point this week and report your score using the score sheet.

The first part is a max box jump for height, from standing. This can be scary if you’ve never done it before, but don’t worry the coach will help with jumping mechanics.  Score is height in inches.

The second part will be a heavy forward sled pull for max distance in 2 minutes. Of the 4 loading options, choose the weight that is closest to your bodyweight. It should be heavy enough to challenge your strength, such that you are not sprinting for the full 2 minutes. Use the same weight for both the Before and the After workout. Score is number laps, we can count half reps.

The third part will be the classic plate burpee ladder. Start standing on a 45lb plate, step or jump down, go to the floor, touch the plate with both hands, then get up and step or jump back onto the plate. Do 1 rep the first minute, 2 reps the second minute, 3 reps the third minute, until you can no longer complete the prescribed number of reps. Score is total number of burpees, including the reps on the last partial set.   If you have any issues with your back, please note that burpees might aggravate this, particularly if you have issues with hip flexibility or core strength. You can mediate this by doing a stricter pushup on your burpee or stepping up instead of jumping feet forward when you get up.  If you do have a history of back pain due to burpees, you can also do a ball slam ladder, but start at 2 reps and add 2 reps each minute.

You will be scored based on percentage of improvement, compared to everyone else in the challenge.

Body Measurements

Get together with your partner and measure the circumference of your waist and hips in centimetres sometime this weekend or early next week.  For the waist, measure around at the level of the belly button.  For the hips, find the widest part.  Enter those numbers in the score sheet and it will calculate your waist to hip ratio. You may opt to also measure around your arms and thighs but these will not count for scoring. However, if you see a significant improvement, you may include this data in your testimonial at the end of the challenge.

At the end of the challenge, get together with your partner to complete your post challenge measurements and photos, and testimonial. We’ll combine your percentage improvement waist circumference, hip circumference and waist to hip ratio to determine your score.  Your percentage of improvement will be compared to every other player in the challenge.

Photos & Testimonial

When you meet your partner to take measurements, take photos as well. At the end of the challenge you’ll take another set of photos and write a testimonal about what you have learned during the challenge.  Remember to take your Day 1 and Day 30 photos wearing similar clothing, at a similar time of day. We recommend shorts for men and a sports bra and shorts for ladies, but photos will be kept private and it will be easier to see changes if you are not covered up with baggy clothing.

Your testimonial should be approximately 250 to 500 words and can include:

How has the challenge improved your life?
What did you learn during the challenge?
How has your performance improved? Did you get stronger or faster?
Has this challenge had surprising effects on your energy or mood?
What will you take from the challenge?
Will you be able to maintain what you have achieved?

Your score for this section is based on before and after photos and your written testimonial. We realize this is subjective, however the points will be awarded in such a way that you will earn points simply for trying, and the the remainder of the points will have a smaller impact on your overall score.


  1. If you can come to the seminar on Saturday, please do, and feel free to bring friends and family. You may attend even if you are not doing the challenge. If you cannot come to the meeting, just follow the blog posts on the website for instrcutions
  2. Find a partner and register online for the Challenge.
  3. Read the rules and instructions and plan out your baseline measurements, photos and workouts.
  4. Try to come out to CFW this weekend to complete your benchmark workouts.  If you cannot make it in this weekend, plan another time at home or at the gym to do at least the plate burpee ladder.
  5. Download your scoresheet HERE and record your measurements and benchmark workout results.
  6. Send your initial scoresheet and photos as attachments to tania@crossfitwinnipeg.com.  For your initial scores and photos please indicate Fall Challenge Before in the email Subject line and rename your initial scoring spread sheet “Fuel For Fall Tania Vrga Before”, and sub in your own first and last name.
  7. Print out the guidelines and post on your fridge.  You can also print the score sheet if you prefer to check off your points on a daily basis.
  8. Read the Fuel for Fall Blog every day for your bonus challenge and submit your points for the day in the comments section.  You will need to log into the website to comment on the blog.  Please note that this is not the same login as the one you use for reserving your classes.  If you have never commented on the blog, you may need to create an account using your email.
  9. Record your points every day and keep your partner accountable.
  10. Stay on top of the daily blog posts and daily bonus challenges and we’ll try to organize a mid-challenge meeting and Q&A session.
  11. At the end of the challenge, retest your benchmark workouts, take measurements and photos and write your testimonial.
  12. Email your final scoresheet and after photos as attachments to tania@crossfitwinnipeg.com.  For your final scores and photos please indicate Fall Challenge After in the email Subject line and rename the final scoring spread sheet “Fuel For Fall Tania Vrga After”, and sub in your own first and last name.
  13. Come out and celebrate on December 18th.


Official Fuel for Fall Score Sheet – Download this and save on your computer.  You can also print a copy.  You will need to email it to tania@crossfitwinnipeg.com twice, once after your initial measurements and once after your final measurements.  For your initial scores and photos please indicate Fall Challenge Before in the email Subject line and rename your initial scoring spread sheet “Fuel For Fall Tania Vrga Before”, and sub in your own first and last name. For your final scores and photos please indicate Fall Challenge Tania Vrga After in the email Subject line and rename the final scoring spread sheet “Fuel For Fall Tania Vrga After”, and sub in your own first and last name.

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