The CFW Fuel for Fall Nutrition Challenge is a 30 day team nutrition and fitness challenge designed to support you in finding the ideal way for you to fuel your body for workouts and for life.  Our Spring Leaning challenge focused on helping you lean out by eliminating inflammatory and toxic foods, but our Fall Challenge will focus on what  you should add to your diet to perform better and feel better.  Instead of telling you what not to eat, we’ll focus on what to eat.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn how to reach you goals!
WHO? This challenge is for all our members as well as friends and family.  You do not need to be a current member at CFW to enter the challenge.
WHAT? 30 day nutrition challenge focusing on fuelling your life and your workouts.
WHEN? November 15th to December 15th, 2014.  We’ll kick off the challenge with a Nutrition Seminar and Q&A session.
WHY?  It’s time to decide to take this whole ‘life’ thing a little more seriously so that you don’t have to take it so seriously later down the line. We want to see how your performance, your health, your general sense of well being and your body composition reacts to eating what nature intended for you to eat. To some extent, we’ll be following the tenets of our ancestral diet, but we’re not going to give this a name, because ‘diets’ have and end point: you’re either on a diet, or off a diet and that is NOT what we are in for here. You should not have a dogmatic attachment to a diet, simply find what supports your work and recovery and does not support illness or the accumulation of body fat.
HOW MUCH? $25 per team


  • Nutrition Seminar at beginning of challenge
  • Mid Challenge meeting with coaches
  • Meal plan ideas and recipes
  • Blog with daily tips and challenges
  • Food Log
  • Points Log
  • Challenge workouts
  • Party at end of challenge

The Details

Step 1: Find your nutrition buddy and establish a baseline
This will be a team challenge.  Each team will consist of a minimum of 2 players. Your nutrition buddy will be there to hold you accountable for the challenge and to help you with your before and after measurements. First, pick a time to get together as a team to establish your baseline measurements.  Record the following:
(1) Measurements:
* waist circumference in cm at the belly button
* hip circumference in cm at the widest part
* optionally you can also measure arms and thighs but this will not count in the scoring
* optionally you may weigh yourself but this will not count in the scoring
(2)  Photos:
* one from the front
* one from the side (right profile)
* one from a the back
We recommend shorts for men and shorts and sports bra for the ladies, but you can choose and your photos will be kept private.
(3) Performance:
The third component of your baseline measurements will be a benchmark workout that you will do as part of our CrossFit classes during the week of November 10th, and repeat at the end of the challenge.
At the end of the first week, submit before photos, measurements and baseline workout results.

Step 2: Earn Points For Your Team
Each day, you’ll record your points for that day on the Challenge Blog and fill out your spreadsheet.
You can get a total of 10 points per day, with additional details for each of these items to be given before the challenge begins.
1 – at least 4 portions of Protein
1 – at least 4 portions Fat
1 – at least 4 portions of Fruits and Vegetables
1 – at least 2-3L of water
1 – avoiding the big 3 : grains, sugar & sweeteners, industrial seed oils
1 – WOD
1 – recovery
1 – supplements : fish oil & vitamin D & magnesium
1 – 8 hours sleep
1 – daily bonus challenge
Step 3: See how far you’ve come

On the last week of the challenge meet your partner and submit after photos, measurements and baseline workout results, as well as the complete spreadsheet of points for the 30 days. We will provide a downloadable spreadsheet that you can print, but you will be asked to submit an electronic version at the end of the challenge. Your Challenge score will be a combination of 4 factors:
Daily Logging for Points + Performance on the Benchmark WOD + Body Measurements + Photos/Testimonial


Step 4: Find Out The Winners!
We’ll announce the Challenge winners at CFW’s Holiday Potluck on December 18th

How To Register
Pick a Team Captain to register online in Zen Planner  for the Challenge.  The fee is $25 per team. If you need help finding a partner, let us know. The deadline to register is Saturday November 22nd, one week after the Challenge officially starts.