September rolled around more quickly than we thought! School has started, summer vacations are over and everyone is getting back into the old routine. The seasons are changing and with that we thought we’d update you on a few changes in our coaching staff. Coach Helena hasn’t been gone for long but we miss her already. Thanks to everyone who came out to the potluck last month to help send her off. She’s doing well in Ontario, enjoying a bit of time off before getting back into a routine. Some of you are already aware that Coach Joao will be leaving us this winter. He is moving to London, England where he will pursue his career in the fitness industry. He’s still with us for a few more months so make sure to come to his classes while you still can. You may have noticed that Coach Stefanie hasn’t been around as much lately. She’s been busy with a new career opportunity but she’s been joining us for workouts whenever her schedule allows.  We really appreciate her coming out even though she is insanely busy.

In other staffing news, we have the unfortunate task of informing our members that Quinn and Léonie have decided to take a break from coaching.  They were asked join a team training together for CrossFit Games Regionals, so they’ve seized the opportunity to focus on their own training.  We know how difficult this decision must have been for both Quinn and Léonie, but we also know that they have given it a lot of thought and feel this is best for their careers and their families. Though we’re extremely sad to see them go, we wish them all the best in their training and hope that they’ll stay in touch and come back to CFW when the time is right.  We also wish to thank them for everything they have contributed to CFW. Their infectious smiles and energy will be missed.  Here are few words from Léonie:

As you might have heard, I have decided to no longer coach at CFW.  I have enjoyed working and training here over the last 4 years and appreciate having had this wonderful chance to be part of such a great community.  I feel it is time for me to move to a new opportunity and focus of my training, my beautiful family and my business.  This decision was not an easy one and it took a lot of consideration.  I will miss waking up at 5am, scraping the frost off my windshield, having the honour to write the daily WOD on the whiteboard, and enjoy the sunrise through those big garage doors, as my morning would just get better watching all the familiar faces crawl into the gym for 6am.  It has been great working with all of you over the years, watching you get stronger, healthier, and more confident, that was the most rewarding part of the job.  I will think about you everyday, never stop being inspired and pushing yourself to the places you never thought you would go.  Thank you for all of your support and hope to keep in touch.  –Love, Coach Léonie

As sad as we are to see these valuable members of our community move on, we are very excited to introduce you to the new class of apprentice coaches at CFW. Those of you who attend the gym in the evening have probably noticed Megan Maes and Taylor Wallace helping out with the classes, and the early morning members know Jason Paul, who has been helping out with the early morning On Ramps and you’ll soon be seeing him in helping out with the busy 6am classes. You might not be aware that many CrossFit boxes hire new recruits straight out of their weekend CrossFit Level 1 Course, but at CFW, we are proud to have a rigorous apprenticeship program that involves hundreds of pages of study material, and most importantly over 100 hours of coach shadowing.  Our coaches work hard to earn the privilege of instructing our members. Each one of our new recruits has something unique and exciting to offer. Jason is one of our most experienced CrossFitters, having 4 years under his belt, along with coaching experience in self defence techniques. Megan is extremely passionate about using fitness to change people’s lives and she is always asking questions and looking to learn more. Taylor brings to the table a fun and dynamic personality, with a passion for motivating athletes to push beyond their limits. We’re excited to have them on the team and can’t wait for them to start coaching!

As scary as change can be, it is also an opportunity.  I was very proud to see Coach Tiffanie seamlessly transition from apprentice to coaching her own classes. She’s doing a fantastic job and she really stepped up to be a huge help for CFW over the summer. This is a great opportunity for her and all our coaches to gain even more coaching experience, as well as face time with you, our members. All of our coaching staff, including Stef, Anna, Scott, Joao, Adrian, Ren, Tiffanie and myself are excited to spend more time with our members as we transition into fall and winter. This has been a a very special opportunity for me as head coach to reconnect with our members and to do more of what I love, which is coaching! I’m looking forward to coaching much more over the next few months.  I must take this opportunity to thank  Marc, who has dived right into his role as General Manager and has been a lifesaver.  Without the help of Marc, Steve, Annette and our reception staff, I would not be able to dedicate this time to coaching. Thank you!

— Coach Tania