Why Does CrossFit Cost So Much?group

If you’re thinking of joining CrossFit Winnipeg, you’ve probably checked out the fees page. Compared to a traditional neighbourhood gym, CrossFit probably seems expensive, right?

The truth, though, is that comparing CrossFit to your local gym is like comparing apples to… super apples! That’s because what you get at CrossFit Winnipeg is more in line with personal training than a gym.

So why does CrossFit cost more than a gym membership? Here’s what you get:

1. Daily CrossFit Programming

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned athlete, coming up with high-quality daily workouts can be incrediblychallenging. At CrossFit Winnipeg, every CrossFit class includes a programed warm-up, strength/skill workout, metabolic conditioning workout and cool down.Every Workout of the Day (WOD) features constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity – the hallmarks of CrossFit training.

2. Professional Coaching

Unlike traditional gyms, we don’t leave you to your own devices. CrossFit Winnipeg classes are capped at 14 people with a professional coach guiding the class. Our dedication to small group training ensures that you get one-on-one guidance on form and skills. This hands-on approach pushes our members to perform better and reduces the risk of injury from poor form.

3. Community & Accountability

Our amazing members are always ready to help and cheer you on. As you get to know the coaches and other CrossFitters, you’ll feel a new sense of accountability when it comes to working out. This sense of community pushes us todig deeper than when working out alone. Plus, it’s fun!

4. Specialty Classes

From kettlebell training to Olympic lifting, powerlifting and even yoga, you’re free to attend any specialty class you like. These classes are a great way to build skills and confidence, while also providing a great workout.

5.Amazing Results

There are no treadmills with TVs or slow-and-steady circuit training machines at CrossFit Winnipeg, just high-intensity functional workouts that will change your body and the way you think about fitness.Whether you join ustwice a week or five times a week, you will see unbelievable results.

So, with all that being said, do you still think CrossFit is expensive? When you pay a similar monthly bill for a cell phone or cable, what is your health and fitness worth?

Still not sure it’s for you? Sign up for a free intro level course and learn more!