What’s New

* I am incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to train with some of the best Olympic Weightlifting coaches in the world this summer.  I leave on Tuesday for 2 weeks of weightlifting in Bulgaria with Coach Varbanov kand Coach Abadjiev, and will take the opportunity to vacation  and visit with family afterward. I’m very excited but I will miss everyone at CFW, I will be back on August 12th.  Please direct questions to our Manager Marc, or Annette, or Coach Helena, who will be taking over head coach duties while I am away.

* The CrossFit Games in California are on the weekend of July 26th.  You can watch live here. Tyson Takasaki’s 2-on-1 Fundraiser event was held at CrossFit 204  this weekend.  We wish Tyson all the best at the Games in a few weeks!  If you attended the event, please send pics to info@crossfitwinnipeg.com

Programming  for this week

This week we continue with our high volume programming to build our base.  This will include lots of core work, lots of dumbbells and kettlebells and a lot of variety.  This also means that we’ll have lots of work to get done in our hour long classes, so please arrive on time and make your best effort to be efficient in your transitions and workout set-up, so that the coaches can get you in and out in an hour.

Note a few other changes to programming this week:

*  First, at the request of several members, we’ll be programming for Oly, much the same way we do for Powerlifting so that regularly attending members can benefit from progressions.  We have a beginner/novice program, and an intermediate/advanced program.  If you have been lifting less than a year, you probably want to stick with the novice program, but ask the coach what’s best for you. We’ll still be doing our heavy days on Sunday, with both snatches and clean & jerks and squats. We’ll be doing a more snatch focused training on Tuesday and more clean & jerk focused training on Wednesdays for July, then we’ll switch it up next month, so you can benefit from a month’s worth of progressions if you can attend regularly on one day only. We’ll include a preview of both Powerlifting and Oly in the weekly programming in the weekly update.

* We’ve also had some requests to give more structure and guidance for Performance athletes.  We’ll recommend rest days and double days based on a 3 on 1 off schedule, though as we progress in the cycle, we will have some weeks of 2 on 1 off. Of course there is no obligation to follow this exactly but the Performance programming will now give a bit more guidance, as well as some coaches notes.  You will see that in some cases we’ve given you the choice of Oly or Powerlifting.  If you are not sure which one to do, think about whether raw strength or explosiveness and hip power is a priority.  If you are not rx’ing weights on workouts, you may want to do a cycle of powerlifting before moving on to Oly.

* Another minor change you will notice is that we’ll post coach’s notes on the weekly update but not on the daily posts.

Monday: Mostly Lower body + for time met on

Tuesday: Mostly Upper body, horizontal pulling and pushing  + core, conditioning, mobility

Wednesday: Core, Conditioning & Mobility

Thursday: Mostly Lower Body, posterior chain focus + HIIT (high intensity interval training) metcon

Friday: Mostly Upper Body, vertical pressing & pulling + interval metcon

Saturday: Mostly Lower body, single leg + squat focused metcon

Sunday: Benchmark Hero WOD

Spoiler Alert:

Health Programming for week of July 7th, 2014

Fitness Programming for week of July 7th, 2014

Performance Programming for week of July 7th, 2014

Powerlifting Programming for week of July 7th, 2014

Oly Programming for week of July 7th, 2014