In your own words

“This challenge made me realize how much crap is really hidden in the food we think is “healthy” or “clean” and when you finally learn to eliminate it completely, you feel so much better for it. My skin is better,  I feel smaller, I’m walking taller, clothes fit better and I like the way I feel overall.”

“Crossfit and the challenges have truly changed my life, how I look at food, and myself. I no longer want to be thin, I want to be stronger and faster. I want to test the limits of my body. I am amazed at what my body can do when I eat clean and train. I doubled my results when I did the spring leaning workout this week and moreover I achieved my goal of one strict pull up. The WODs are easier and I have not had any muscle soreness in weeks. One of my biggest goals is to be a good example for my girls, to show them what a healthy lifestyle can achieve. To show them that strong women are beautiful and to love their bodies no matter what the outside world is telling them. The end of the challenge is just a beginning for me. I always hear I want to look and feel like I did at 20 years old ( or 25 or 30). Not me, because I have never been this fit and looked like I do now! Bring it on 40!!!”

“Paleo nutrition has taught me that food is what fuels your body and what you put in is what your going to get out of it. If you are fuelling up with junk, your body reacts WAY different than if you fuel up with what it needs! I can feel the differences in my body, muscles feel stronger, weight and body fat has gone down, and clothes from last summer that were too tight are now too big!! I have stopped taking an asthma medication that I have been on for 20+ years and my breathing has been fine. I play softball and can hit the ball farther and I can run the bases faster than last year and my endurance for jogging/ running has improved. I learned that I really CAN do what I set my mind to achieve and that I CAN be successful.”

“The biggest surprise that I found was how I do not bloat at all with paleo eating. For this reason alone I will continue eating this way. No stomach pains or uncomfortable feelings. Now when I allow an occasional cheat in I ask myself ” is it worth it?” . I am so much more mindful of what I put in my body. And when I do allow myself a cheat there is no guilt about it. For example I am eating some dark chocolate right now and damn its good!!!!!! I joined crossfit a year ago because I was scared of turning 40 years old. I realized that part of turning 40 was that I had never achieved my goal of being fit. This August I will be proud to say I am Fit by 40!!!! I would like to thank everyone who logged on each day. I read every single entry and enjoyed sharing this experience with you all. I learned so much from everyone and shared so many similar experiences. I was secretly routing for certain individuals especially after a rough day. Tania, thank you for helping us all achieve our goals and dreams.”

Wrap-Up & Results

These are just a few of the comments we received about the challenge. I spent the last week or so pouring over all the data from the challenge, as well as  thank you emails and the testimonials.  I’ve been reduced to tears on more than one occasion, mostly tears of joy and gratitude. When we set out to organize this challenge, I knew it would be a lot of work, but I held on to the hope that it would all be worth it.  It was, the changes I’ve seen in the participants have been nothing less than life changing and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to help the participants make real life changes.  So here’s the wrap-up:

All of our participants had a daily checklist designed for optimal nutrition, hydration and sleep. We also had a daily bonus challenge that involved higher level lifestyle tweaks for better stress management and recovery.

As a Group, our Challengers lost:

* 424 pounds

* 392 cm arounds their waists

* 232 cm around their hips

* For a total of 624 cm around hips and waist, that’s over 20 feet of fat!!!

* Every single participant improved their score for the benchmark workout, with an average of one extra round in our 5 minute AMRAP workout, or about a 20% improvement in performance.

Gold Challenge

In this group, participants had their body fat, weight and waist circumference measured before and after.  They also took before and after pictures and did a before and after benchmark workout.

As a group, on average, the individual Gold challengers lost:

* average of 11 pounds of weight, which amounts to about 5.1% of their total bodyweight

* average of 4.8% bodyfat, which is the equivalent 17.9% of their total bodyfat

* average of 15 cm around their waist and  hips

Congrats to our top 3 winners (or losers if your prefer) in the Gold Challenge!  They lost the most percentage of their bodyfat, which we calculated as %bodyfat lost divided by %bodyfat before.

(1) Justin Foy 

(2) Lori Peltz

(3) Tina Carlson

Silver Challenge

In this group, participants had their weight, hips and waist circumference measured before and after.  They also took before and after pictures and did a before and after benchmark workout.  We used this data to determine winner and also looked at improvements in waist to hip ratio.

As a group, on average, the Silver challengers lost:

* an average of 8 pounds of weight, which amounts to about 4.38% of their total bodyweight

* an average of 13 cm around their waist and  hips

* they improved their waist to hip ratio by over 4%

Congrats to our Silver Challenge winners, Megan Church (most cm lost, most weight lost, most % bodyweight lost, most improved waist to hip ratio in the silver category).

Honourable mention goes to Angie Bruce and Sharon Touchette for amazing improvements on their waist to hip ratio as well.

Bronze Challenge

This group counted points for various positive health and nutrition habits, and posted their food logs on the Spring Leaning Blog every day, with a potential total of 11 points up for grabs every day.

The winner of the Bronze Challenge was Stephanie McGregor with 421 points!  Stephanie didn’t have much bodyfat or weight to lose but her commitment to her health is inspiring to all of us!

Honourable Mentions

We couldn’t wrap up this challenge without honouring some other amazing accomplishments by our challengers:

(1) Miguel Gauthier for most weight lost (31.6 lbs!!!)

(2) Tina Carlson for most improved performance (almost doubled her score on her benchmark workout and got her first strict pullup!!!)

(3) Megan McLean for most improved waist to hip ratio (Megan did the Gold challenge, lost 29 cm around waist and hips and improved her waist/hip ratio by 11%!!!)

(4) Brenda Braun for most cm lost (Brenda lost 13cm around her hips and 17cm around her wait for a total of 30cm!!!)

Big hugs to everyone who participated.  This type of challenge makes me realize just how much I love what I do. Plus we got to eat some delicious food on Friday.  Please share your potluck recipes to the comments section below.  For those who requested their before and after photos, please note that it will be a week or two before I have time to sort those out and email them to you.